"Community" newspaper abandons community.

The twitter has been alive today with mentions of a certain community newspaper that told a freelancer she could no longer cover actual news because of the petulant whinging of MP James Bezan, and then basically cut all ties with her because as a private citizen she signed a petition letter that hurt that same HarperCon MP's wittle foo foo.

Apparently he has a history with all the local papers. I mean, we know that the Conservative party is attempting to stimulate the economy through media intervention.  Screw roads and bridges and healthcare, they would much rather sink our tax dollars into advertising. Don't you know there are starving CEO's?

This story also has an interesting side twist that the PMO may be punishing people who protest what they are doing. The petition letter was sent to the MP and the PMO.

We know that petition signing in Canada is now a dangerous thing, the names end up in the massive Con databases and are probably used for nefarious purposes. They just do that kind of thing. They probably have a whole genealogical history on us all by now. Salt Lake City North?

Remember kids, here in bizzaro universe, Gun Registries and census are BAD and intrusive, harvesting emails and names for lists that are used to punish Canadians and destroy livelihoods, that's A ok according to the Harper Conservatives!

Is this still Canada? Seems more like a fascist backwater than a G8 country.

I recall many years ago when a small "community" newspaper in my area dared to publish an editorial about the local vendors and the outrageous prices and crappy service.

The paper folded in six months, the editor was gone that week. I mean, what he said was entirely true (and still is really) but don't bite the hand that feeds?

But, this is different.
This involves an elected official paid for by all our tax dollars, who cannot stand any form of criticism. He doesn't want the media to inform the public as to what he is up to.
And that smells bad. Like the rest of the Harper reign of terror.

This same MP's office sends out emails and then rescinds what it said a couple minutes later. Another typical Conservative trait. 

I say it slooooooooowly, once you send an email, no you cannot take it back. Idjits. (Maybe they should try pale's 24 hour snark defense rule? Write an email on the fly, wait 24 hours. Re-read. Does this mail make sense? Do you really want to send it now?)

The Newspaper in question is published by one of those outfits that will print cards and signs and the like for dirt cheap. The appearance of the paper itself says enough. *blink*

At the end of the day,  what do we learn?

The Selkirk Record is just another bird cage liner with absolutely no intention of informing the community beyond bake sales and ads.

And we reaffirmed what we already knew, the Harper conservatives are just sleazy little pissant ideologues who do not want people to know what they are up to. 

Stay classy, conservatives.


In my riding,

my Con MP's staff made a boo boo - merging the names of constituents who signed the anti-M312 (Woodworth's wank) petition with their internal list of friendly CPC supporting constituents. They sent an apology and one guy responded with an excellent rant.

It seems that it's Harper Regime policy to collect as much data on all of us as possible. For example, I have only written e-mail letters to my Con MP with no indication of my address and on two occasions I have received addressed responses in my home mailbox. I never provided their staff that information.