Last night a huge sigh of relief could be heard across North America and many other parts of the world, the Republican party lost pretty badly.

They not only lost badly, they really hadn't seen it coming.
President Obama was re-elected by a good enough margin to nullify many complaints that the GOP will come up with in the week's ahead.

And I will add that there was one more handicap, the electoral suppression being perpetrated by that same GOP in many state legislatures.

Now, I am not one of those who ever got caught up in the fantasy that Obama is somehow some great progressive hope. He's a middle of the road moderate in many ways, with some extra weight to the right on all fiscal issues. Corporate America has actually done very well under his watch, despite all their whining and carrying on to the contrary.

But back to the GOP and their very own media outlet getting caught with their pants down, as this fascinates me to no end. This video is hilarious, it shows the FOX talking heads going from giggling assured-ness early on, to total panic late in the evening. Ya. They is Fair and balanced. YUP! See, fair and balanced? That means that one doesn't take sides. Was there a smidgeon of doubt that the loss was a crushing personal blow to those airheads last night? 


Rove spent $300 million on this election, I betcha his donors want their money back this morning. Heh. Sucks to be him today.

Despite the money they threw at this race, despite the voter suppression and district gerrymandering, despite the fact that Obama has only incrementally pulled the US back from the fiscal abyss, they lost. They played the national security card that worked after 9/11 and blew that too!

Their pollsters portrayed it as a dead heat all these past months of campaigning, their pundits simply pulled proclamations out of their ass on so many occasions.  They played the dirtiest game aided by many other media outlets fostering their false equivalency of "both sides do it".

FOX is also gobsmacked by the way that women abandoned the GOP in droves. Instead of working on jobs and the actual issues facing the citizens of the US, the GOP controlled House and the filibustered Senate have been focusing on every anti choice, anti reproductive freedom, anti equal pay cockamamie idea that popped into their heads.

Just how many of these anti choice bills have the GOP come up with?

916. Nine hundred and sixteen.

pale *blinks*

How many jobs bills? Boehner says thirty. Reality says.... not so fast. Their jobs bills were mostly to enrich the already rich. 

How many bills have they blocked that came out of Congress? Hahahahaha.

Pretty much everything. 

So. FOX news is gobsmacked. 

Me? I am personally amazed the GOP got as many votes as they did. What a waste of time and money. 

BTW, the GOP still controls the house, and Reid is now talking about some filibuster reform in the senate so that something can get done. 

And as it turns out the irrelevancy of the GOP is now a done deal anyway.

There is no way they can possibly run a candidate ever again and win if the only thing they intend to do is appeal to angry white middle aged men.

Those men, are now outnumbered. And that, is not a bad thing at all. They will either try to reinvent themselves, or they will forever wander the wilderness. And I am not shedding a tear. No one with any sense of reality is, just those who have a vested interest in perpetuating the legacy of angry white men.

It also does not go unnoticed, that Romney is not a smart man.  He's a selfish, cruel, greedy bastard.

Many women and other voters kind of noticed that too. 

Edit: Added stoopid! Ted Nugent starts hammering on his keyboard again. He may need to be calmed down. This guy is truly nuts.
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Ted Nugent is still alive?

Didn't he say awhile back that if Obama were re elected, he would jump off some bridge or express some other suicidal ideation??

I think he may

Just implode and fade away. He is the biggest coward ever. :)

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.