So. How many of these incidents need to happen before we kick the Canadian gun lobby to the curb?

Check it out!

As Star writer Tonda MacCharles reported on Wednesday, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is mulling a sweeping set of proposals from the pro-gun camp that would further water down federal controls. In future, gun owners’ licences would run for 10 years or longer without renewal, up from five now. Paperwork now required to transport weapons would be waived. And certain prohibited firearms — ranging from small, easily concealed handguns to full-bore assault weapons—would be reclassified as restricted, making them easier to sell or transfer.

That is one thing I simply do not get about the Con party supporters? Their rush to the bottom, their absolute desire to take us in a direction of proven failure and destruction.

Why? Many other countries do not have the level of violence that the US does, and that is where a sane person would want to go.

We know why people like Vic Towes and the like support the gun lobby over safety, it's because their bread is buttered by lobbyists and special interest groups. When it comes to the environment, public safety and economics, the Harper Conservatives are not working for Canada.

Every week we see stories unfold like the tragedy yesterday, and we all tut tut that these things happen because of the powerful astroturf lobby of the US's NRA. 

A group funded heavily by corporate interests has many Americans bamboozled into beleiving they are supporting freedom, when in reality it is corporatocracy.

But then many turn a blind eye when it also happening here. 

The lowest common denominator should not be a goal.

We can do better than that can't we? 

And to all those who vote exclusively for less gun control and more "tough on crime" measures? You are so owned. Soooooooooooo owned.
Your "freedum" is bought and paid for.




When guns and mental illness collide...

... more tragedy occurs. This morning it was firefighters, 2 dead and 2 more seriously injured. I cannot imagine having to deal with such tragedy on a personal level. It is just so cruel.

Toews and Harper would love to push us to that ugliness that makes the US so unattractive to many of us. They have no soul and will go through the traditional motions of Christmas: family time, church, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile many will go with nothing, and a few will starve while on hunger strikes.

Dearest pale, enjoy your beautiful family over these holidays and best wishes for you and yours.

Thanks BY

And a happy happy to you and yours.
I still cannot fathom why they hate Canadians so damned much?

The number of gun deaths in the US keep climbing, La Pew from the NRA keeps spewing sewage and bob and joe canuck keep making inane comments on online media about how AWFUL it is to have gun laws.

They should move.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.