Happy ho ho! Merry War on Christmas!

I hope Santa was good to all the good boyz and girlz.

We are sitting here in the Batcave having a quiet holiday. Its a scaled down affair.
The kidlets are happy with whatever Santa brought, which with today's consumer kids is amazing in and of itself. They got a whole lot of art supplies.
The grownups here are happy the lights are on and that there is food in the fridge. LOL

As for wishes, I am just hoping to be able to walk this coming year.

And although we are all supposed to celebrate good will and cheer and all that stuff, I sincerely hope a certain Dr gets a stocking full of reindeer shit. :)

Now, some tolerable Christmas songs! Heh.

Carol of the Bells.......Sorta. But totally awesome!

Merry War on Christmas!
May everyone get what they deserve. :)