Corporate welfare queens SUN News ask for more handouts. So they admit Free market is a fake.

Yup. The same free market prophets that consistently bitch and whine about FREEDUM and preach hateful things about all the not white people. SUN TV.

They have applied for mandatory carriage with the CRTC.
Its because they say they are losing MILLIONS a year because no one wants to pay extra for their particular brand of pig slop.

Geeze. Why don't they advertise then? Like other multimillion dollar corporations have to do?
Because they are them. And we are us. 

I pay enough already for cable.

Plenty enough, and yanno? I don't want to pay extra so that Ezra can keep standing on his bully pulpit spewing racist, oil funded-climate change denial bullshit. I don't want to pay so that Brian Lilley can keep preaching his own brand of stoopid.

They say they are not getting enough advertising customers.  Yes,it is difficult to get enough Homophobic gits to pay that kind of money. 

Has anyone been following the Flush Rush campaign in the US?  All the radio networks that carry Rush have noticed a trend recently?

FOX news too.

Hate is out of style. Oh sure, those that sink to the bottom still listen to him. Those types will always be around. But Rush is having a difficult time with funding.

Contact the CRTC, sign this petition. 

And you know what? I am going to contact my cable carrier and make sure they are aware that if SUN TV gets mandatory carriage, they lose my business. If enough people did that, the cable companies may even pass that on to the CRTC. Panic is a great tool.

Screw Quebecor. They get enough handouts already. Time to pull up their own gawdamed bootstraps. 

There is no "free market". Its just all about who you know.