Salty language!

In my latest health odyssey (Trip thru the medical purgatory of hospital incompetence) I have had lots of time to perseverate on my diet and other things.

I am now on a lower salt diet in an attempt to lower the ol' BP even more. I find the BP meds pretty crappy. There is a side effect for everything. It's like making a wish, there is a good and bad.
I hate big pharma more and more, daily.
I would like to stop taking this bullshit medication.

So, My own tips for navigating this new world:

Cheese is a big no no. Swiss is ok in moderation, it's the lowest in sodium.

I found low salt potato chips, not bad. I don't eat massive amounts anyway, just a handful every few days. It fills the salt/treat void.

Soy sauce is deadly for sodium, so that's off my list. Using low sodium soup stock now in place of a lot of salt stuff. I made chow mien the other day, no soy sauce.

Peanut butter and onions. Yup, that is the current breakfast food in my life. I get the all natural peanut butter. No added salt, sugar or fat. On homemade bread, toasted.

I make my own bread anyway, so I am now doing that with 1/4 of the salt. I found the trick was to use less yeast, and then let the bread rise slower. 2% sodium (DV) per serving vs 14%.

I had french fries and a burger one day when I went out. I asked for no salt on the fries, (which forced them to cook fresh ones) and no cheese or pickles on the burger. That drops the sodium to a do-able level.

No salt tortilla chips with homemade guacamole. Not bad. Add some extra cumin and lime juice.

Told everyone in the house to feel free to add their own salt, but no one seems to be doing that. They are adapting to my diet mostly.

No added salt canned tomatoes and paste. Really helps with the sodium levels in soups and stews.

Mrs Dash is evil, noxious and toxic tasting. Avoid at all costs. It will turn you off food.
(Figures that the hospital gives this in packets on all the breakfast lunch and dinner trays I refused to touch. I lost about two sizes from all my hospital visits. Sodexo, makers of inedible "food" brought to you by underpaid uninterested slave labour)

My diet is further restricted because I am on Rat poison, AKA Warfarin. (Thanks to the careless rocket scientists at the hospital I have a great big ol' DVT to deal with. Assholes.) So I have to be careful with green leafy veggies and stuff......

ATM, my sodium is about 1500-2000 mg a day. My BP dropped 10- 20 points on its own. Viola!