BC notes; upcoming election. How stoopid do you have to be to vote for The Libs again?

These last years in BC with the "Liberals" in charge have taken a toll on many of us.
Part of that cost has been the cynicism and distrust in anything any politician has to say. The BC Liberals lie to our faces.

Gordo resigned after the big HST debacle, you may remember that was where he lied and said that that tax was not even under consideration, and then rammed it down our throats anyway. Add to that the many many other shameful acts that party has committed in the name of "balancing" the budget.

At ACR, it's been an ongoing meme. How can people be so uncaring about their neighbors and fellow BC'ers? They did not give a hoot about anything the Libs did until that HST was put in. The only reason they got mad is because the selling out of this province directly filtered down to their own wallets. 
I hold the BC'ers who voted for these malcontents responsible. Despite all of the scandals, they have perpetuated the BC Liberal's rein of terror and the destruction of this province. Shameful. 

So. Now the Libs have been caught trying to buy ethnic votes with taxpayer money, no less.
The offishul story is that they decided not to go through with it. It was just a discussion....
Any one else buying that?

The resignations are supposed to calm this down, two have fallen on their swords. 

Will the voters in this Province finally wise up? I am not going to hold my breath. 

I have no faith either; in the intelligence or the morals of many BC voters.  Those people may enjoy getting slapped in the face, they have some sort of short term memory loss?

I am done with the lot of them.