BC Liberals outsourced public opinion poll from Virginia?

Either that or Enbridge....

Country: USA
Location: Virginia (Alexandria, Annandale, Arlington)

The questions were about my commute to work, the reasons I oppose the pipeline, and what my opinion is of Enbridge. Environmental, First Nations objections, Risk to waterways.....etc
(Note: All of the above was not an option)

Funny that eh?
The next question was about what it would take to buy errrr secure mysupport for this environmental disaster; more oversight, JOBS!

Look to the right there at my blog badge and you can pretty much guess how I answered.

Major piss off, is they have to outsource a public opinion poll to the US. Scum of the earth, whomever is paying for this one.

 Just another slap in the face from the corporate masters. 



Virginia, perhaps not

It is common to disguise the origins of calls so you can't be sure the call centre was in Virginia. It might have been in Edmonton.

When I was talking to Microsoft about problems installing Windows 8, their call-backs appeared to come from Chicago although the person on the line was always in India. Similarly, an Asian call centre who was phoning frequently seemed to be in Seattle. They advised that I needed to urgently deal with a "virus-laden computer" by giving them access to my device; access they didn't get of course.

You're right to bring this up. Robocalls are often used by people who don't want to be identified and, by itself, that suggests their purposes are nefarious.