Peak Pyridium!

Ok, this one is mostly for us gurls.
The dreaded UTI hits. Some of us are used to getting them, and used to scrambling to get medical help as soon as possible. Drink that water, and make sure that you are near a loo at all times.
The pain is amazing at times, and just bloody makes it impossible to do anything.

I used to get a lot more of these but fortunately it has been a while. 6 years?

Until yesterday.....(cue the ominous dum dum dum!)

So when I was there at the doctors office, I asked for a good'ol standby, Pyridium.  Nasty stuff, but totally a lifesaver. It's an actual gawdsend when the UTI hits -until the antibiotics can kick a can'o'whoopass on the bacteria.

It has been discontinued in Canada.

You serious I said? WTF?

He wrote it on the RX just for the hell of it. 

At the Pharmacy.....

The gentleman at the counter explained that Pyridium is no longer available, and promptly tried to sell me some over the counter crap that has absolutely no effect on pain in a UTI.

Discontinued. Must have been a man who decided that I said. 

Sure, blame the men. He said very dryly.

I have looked this up online and many women are totally lost without this drug.

The pain with a UTI is like nothing else, and it seems rather cruel and calous that a drug company would simply stop making a helpful drug?

I do see rumblings though,  some pharmacies will make it upon request. I hope mine does soon if this ever happens again.

I saw one article where a company says they can no longer procure pure ingredients for the drug, I can't find that article at the moment.

Peak Pyridium?
Betcha if it was Viagra there would be a better reaction to the outcry?

But you already knew that. :)