The latest "Anti cyber bullying bill" looks suspiciously familiar.....hmmmm.

*pale taps her black nails on the desk and thinks......*

Oh! Ya! Same gig from a couple years back....When anyone who protested proposed laws that invaded our privacy was labelled as a paedophile.

This is a regular occurrence with the Harper Government. When a bill fails (whether Through public outrage, or because the writ is dropped when Harper shuts down parliament) they bring it back with violins and boxes of kleenex. 

I always think it's a "to do" list they must have posted at the PMO. They will push it through in any way they can. 

My good friends at Dammit Janet have outlined what is going on.  Dr Michael Geist has also looked at the new legislation being proposed.

Now, one needs to ask themselves, why does anti cyber bullying legislation need to do this:

But legal experts were left wondering why a piece of legislation that is meant to rein in online tormentors is also taking on terror suspects and people who steal cable TV signals.
"There is a much larger agenda at play here," says Rob Currie, director of the Law and Technology Institute at Dalhousie University.
Under the banner of anti-cyberbullying measures, the government is "trying to push through a number of things that have to do with law enforcement but nothing to do with cyberbullying."

Of course not, it's the glurge method again.

Who is going to fall for this?  Besides the Conservative base that is?

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