The Craigslist Christmas eve scam.

So I have a few items up for sale on Craigslist.
Last evening I got a query, asking email and phone number, and is the item still available?
Yes, and I responded with my home phone number.

I got an email reply very early this morning, basically asking what the condition of the item is?
Since it was described, with accompanying photos in the actual ad, I just thought....hmmmmm.

After several more mails the person said he was buying the item, and he would pay by paypal and arrange shipping with an "agent".
So, I was mailed again, and when I checked my mails on my breaks, I followed the whole drama.

Nadda came from paypal, except some paypal spam. But to my inbox.

In my spam folder I found this:

We wish to inform you that Jack Brown has made his intentions known to PayPal® that he will like $300.00 CAD to be sent to the recipient's address below. You are required to send the $300.00 CAD via Western Union Money Transfer.
All you have to do is reply directly to this email with the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) and the Sender's Name and Address plus the test Question and Answer used when sending the money through Western Union Money Transfer . Then you will receive a "Confirmation Email" from PayPal® Service informing you that your PayPal® account has been credited with $1,540.00 CAD as soon as the above information's has been received and Verified by us.
This payment has been deducted from the buyer's account and has been "APPROVED" but will not be credited into your account until the MTCN is sent to us for verification, so as to secure both the buyer and the seller.
Click Here to locate nearest Western Union Agent in your area or send money online.

Sooooooooooo. Pay the fake link money, and then they get $300 and are never seen again. Um yup. I was rather expecting something like this actually

But wait! Theres MORE!

This maroon was also calling my home in my absence, trying to get me to make the payment on his behalf NOW!

What a hoot. anyway, Ill mail Jack a few times. He needs to hear about penis implants and other such things. :) If anyone has more career advice for ol' "jack", please enlighten him.

I am sad to think this has actually worked on someone, and am sure it was not money they had to just throw away. Shameful hey?


Merry Xmas Pale!

Sorry to hear your faith in humanity had to be tested yet again - and on xmas eve to boot.

Here's hoping 2014 proves to be a much kinder and joyful year for you and your beautiful children.

hey Beijing!

And to you!

I posted on CL too with all this morons contact info. LOL. Hes been using the same fone number since July. Its all over the net. :)
yup. testing. testing. lol.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.

This is a pretty common

This is a pretty common scam, if they say they will buy it, without looking, and pay by paypal, its a sure sign of a scam. I never got past that point so I didn't know how it worked... Thanks for sharing.

When someone tried this with me, we went back and forth (I knew it was a scam but not how it worked). I figured he was wasting my time, so I would waste his. We went back and forth.... Eventually I told him I didn't have paypal and he needed to phone my to explain to me how to set it up, he agreed and asked for my number... So I gave him the non emergency contact number for the local police department... I never heard from him after that...

Its hilarious eh?

I never invested anything into it really, this all happened pretty much within the space of three hours, and I mostly watched during my breaks at work. I knew it was something bad.

But how many do not?
I got another one about two weeks ago BTW. Imperious tone, disinterested really.....LOL
If its not local? Dont go there. Cash on the barrelhead.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.

Yep :) I do feel bad for

Yep :)

I do feel bad for people who are tricked by it. The scammers don't know who they're ripping off. They could need their money to feed their family, or pay for their care home... I do try to understand the scammer may be in hard times too, but I don't know.

It's like the scene from into the wild in the bar with Vince Vaugh...