The new plastic money: Or, How Old dead white dudes got a makeover

So we are all probably pretty familiar with the new money. It's horrible to have to count a stack of it, very slow, and often has to be recounted as the buggas stick together.

If it gets folded up in a pocket or a wallet, the creases become almost permanent.

They will melt. It doesn't feel real to me anymore, but our money is just electrons with no valid tangible thing to back it up anyway. Debit cards, and now cash are just pieces of plastic. Worthless in so many ways.

But the amusing thing I have also noticed, is the makeover that all the dead PM's that appear on our bills seem to have gotten.

Laurier, looks 10-20 years younger. Side by side:


The collar is the same.  


Sir John A, he also seems much much younger, and his hairline appears to have shifted as well. The Bank of Canada's hairclub for men.

Collar and tie match up in both portraits.  

Also notice, how they are looking RIGHT AT YOU now! The old bills are a three quarter profile with them looking off into the distance, i found them far less unnerving.

Borden looks younger, but menacing. Staring. He sees what you are doing, and is not approving!


Now, the old one.....

The Queen on the new 20's looks about the same, I guess they decided it was rude to change her too much, as the old trout......errrrrr.....Queen of the realm is still alive, kinda.

"Plastic" surgery on dead PM's. :) Your tax dollars at work.