Fair Election act? --->Voter Suppression act of 2014.

So we are in the midst of having our elections act changed by the very party that have been under investigation for committing election fraud, the ones that have most likely been pulling the nasty stunts. Makes total sense, right?

They are changing it so that it will be harder for the people who are not rich or conservative, to actually vote.

Another measure that prevents Elections  Canada from continuing its current campaign of encouraging young people to vote is designed to keep anti-Tory voters away, Christopherson suggested.
“We’re talking about a lot of Canadians who might be the kind to look to the government to actually provide an improvement to our society. That is exactly the kind of Canadians [the Conservatives] want to keep away from the ballot box, because that is not the type of government that they offer,” he said.

It's been done before, in the US of course. The Harper Government rarely has a new idea, this is the only form of recycling they believe in. 

Fair Election act?

Voter Suppression act of 2014.

Let us call it like it is.  

Let us also remember some of the other glaring attempts they have made to disenfranchise voters....

I can look at my archives and see it all. Its a good thingI don't depend on the memory of the Canadian media, or the public. 


What a sham!

Marc Maynard sounded like he was ready to burst a blood vessel on CBC Radio's "The House" this morning.

I don't have much faith in the opposition parties taking this on as a critical issue. There should be complete outrage over entrenching voter suppression and favouring Conservative Party electioneering tactics. Instead we get this: