The Harper Gubbermint: Taking the Universality outta Universal health care!

I know, this is a soapbox I have been on for years.
But many have walked on by as if I was one of those crazy street preachers forecasting the end of the world.

Here is where I would say, "I told ya so!" and get some weird perverse pleasure at being right, but I am not feeling the joy.

So what is the Harper Gubbermint planning to do?
Well, as usual it's a backdoor, sneaky kinda deal that pits Canadians against each other. Lord of the flies, divide and conquer. Conservative style!

Buried on page 279 of the 2014 federal budget 

is a measure that will make it next to impossible for provinces to provide health care services on equal terms and conditions. The purpose of this budget item is to strike a blow to the heart and soul of universal health care in Canada.
The Harper government is eliminating the equalization portion of the Canada Health Transfer (CHT) and replacing it with an equal per capita transfer. This means that less populous provinces with relatively larger and more isolated populations will have more and more difficulty delivering more expensive universal health services.

The provinces will be focusing all the money and resources where the main pockets of the population are, kinda near the big cities and the borders. Rural Canada will become much like parts of the world that have no healthcare whatsoever.
The haves and the have nots will be vying for dollars. Who is going to win do you think?

Many of Harpers's supporters in the rural areas will be screwed over too, but it is a major goal of the Harper regime to dismantle all this humanitarian socialist stuff that they hate so much. It's a long range project shall we say, and worth the sacrifice to them me thinks.....

In 1997, when Harper was vice-president of the National Citizens’ Coalition, a group obsessed with privatizing health care, he said: “Well I think it would be a good idea . . . Moving toward alternatives, including those provided by the private sector, is a natural development of our health care system.” In another interview that year, Harper said, ” It’s past time the feds scrapped the Canada Health Act.” (Calgary Herald, May 5, 2005)

The good ol' NCC. They hate just about everything that made this country a great place to live. Or at least their rich funders do.

They have been dragging out that old myth that our healthcare system is unsustainable, despite the fact that they lie lie lie like cheap rugs...

In his 2002 Canadian Alliance Leadership campaign website, Harper wanted to “overhaul” the Act:
“Harper also believes that our health care will continue to deteriorate unless Ottawa overhauls the Canada Health Act to allow the provinces to experiment with market reforms and private health care delivery options. He is prepared to take tough positions including experimenting with private delivery in the public system.”

This has been studied however, and like much of what the Harper Government says, the facts say otherwise.....Privitization is what is actually harming healthcare.

Canadians are being told that public health care financing is not sustainable, and that the solution is a shift to more private health insurance and private delivery of services. Canada’s pre-eminent health economist Robert G. Evans, O.C., Ph.D., presented the facts and debunked the myths, and renowned pollster Nik Nanos reviewed the numbers.

Recall the The Shona dog and Pony show?

So. Time to circle the wagons? Ya think?