The rabbit hole.

Hell's bells! We is back on the air.

First off, someone got into the databases for ACR here, and deleted some stuff. Yup. That hole has hopefully been plugged. Its an odd thing because there are several sites running under one account and this was the only one they decided to delete.

The backup that finally worked was from 2014, so the rest is poof for the moment. But, hey. You cannot kill an idea anyway. ACR is all made up of ideas with supporting data and facts. :)

And swearing.

It took a while longer to get back up because my bad streak with ACR was indeed part of three bad things. This was actually the least of my problems. It is insignificant compared to the other stuff that has happened.

My Mika, my pretty gurl, friend, confidant, and wearer of silly hats, passed away. Mika was sick for about a week, and left us on December 29, 2015. It is impossible to express how hard it has been for all of us here in the Batcave. She leaves behind four kids who thought she was always going to be here to meet and greet us, offer solace, and be our rock.

 photo dc576f43-e960-43c6-bbe5-6804de6b7fe4_zpsgh3962fa.png
It is a hole that cannot be filled. The cat is also bereft beyond imagining.

 photo mikaguilt_zpsjwl4w3b6.png
Kinda guilty. Always cute. :)
But, I am not done yet.

My Father passed on January the 2, 2016.
It was always complicated for both of us. So many things happened over the course of our relationship. I spoke to him last on Boxing day, and when it got entirely too sad, he told me he and my stepmom would come see us all this summer. I totally got that it was bullshit, but it seemed so fitting and so......Dad. Bs'ing until the very end, if only to make me feel a little better.
I will always remember that last time we talked with a smile as well as some tears.

His cancer was advancing very fast, and he went to sleep soon after for a few days and then he was gone.

So. Back on the air. Back on the internetz. The swearing shall resume shortly.

I wish my Mika was under my desk gently snoring.
 photo togetherness_zpssrcydczp.png
Itteh Bitteh wishes it was so too.