Rachel Notley is just another selfish Albertan Premier.

"To be clear, this document has not been adopted. It's simply going to be discussed," Notley said. "And we will engage in that discussion and we will make darn sure that the points I made at convention are heard from Nanaimo to Cape Breton and everywhere in between."

I think that Notley is under some sort of delusion that we have not heard the side of Alberta, and the Oil industry. Of course we have. For many years now the country has been living under the rules set out by big oil and asshats elected from Alberta.

We have to leave much of the tar sands exactly where they are if we are to survive as a species. By building more pipelines, we are not really working on any realistic goal. Just taking more risks instead of being more intelligent and moving along to something more sustainable that also creates jobs all over the country. 

But yanno......Alberta. Its the center of the fucking universe and all that. 

The Leap Manifesto is simply a working document that lays out what we actually need to do to survive. 

Alberta's short term oil sales over the survival of Humanity. Geeze. I know what side I am on. 

"They are naive, they are ill-informed, and they are tone-deaf."

Holy shit what condescending projectionist bullshit.