When everybody is acting like an asshole. Canadian Parliament daycare.

This weeks hijinx in the House of commons just shows why it is hard to get anyone to take our political process seriously. 

Here is what I think....I may swear. I know this offends some more than the real stuff I will say.

First off. The ruling Liberals are attempting to fast track, ram, force and limit debate on important legislation. I am not saying that the end of life legislation is bad either. Its the best we have seen, especially compared to the Harpercon ideology. But yanno.....These are Harpercon tactics.  You can always be better than the Harpercons. Its not difficult, they set a pretty low bar.

We all need to be better than the Conservatives. 

The NDP. FUCK OFF with the kiddie games. Blocking an Mp and having a giggle fit? OMG. Grow the fuck up. This included you Mulcair and Ms Brosseau. 

Trudeau. He MARCHED down there in his too small suit,  (I know its the style, but it looks like his clothes were shrunk in a random drive by laundry accident)  and was a gonna fix it. Grow up already. *stop *Any * full stop physical contact is inappropriate, and you are not a bouncer in a bar. 

The elbow. Nikki Ashton....I'm so sorry. (not really) I do not see this as aimed at Ms Brosseau because she is a woman.

"I want to say that for all of us who witnessed this, this was deeply traumatic," she said to her House of Commons colleagues. "What I will say, if we apply a gendered lens, it is very important that young women in this space feel safe to come here and work here."

"He made us feel unsafe and we're deeply troubled by the conduct of the prime minister of this country."

I see the elbow connecting with her because Trudeau was careless and rude and wrong... and she happened to be standing in that spot. While playing the blocking game which was predicated by the Liberals trying to make a massive power grab. :) Turning it into more than it was simply makes it harder for the rest of the worlds' working women to be taken fucking seriously when it does happen for reals thousands of times a day. 

We do actually have a National Daycare program. Its called the Fucking Canadian House of commons daycare. We pay a lot of money to send these fucking children to play together and learn. Perhaps we need to call in some child experts on sportsmanship and just being nice. 

I am not surprised on the reaction of the Harpertwits. They really need to sit down and STFU because they totally embraced, and instigated this kind of crap for 10 long years. They had playbooks that look like the GOP manuscripts on how to cause gridlock. 

Twitter (and other social media) asswipes attacking Ms Brosseau? OH do go straight to hell. Yours, is an attack on a woman, just because she is a woman. And yanno what? You should all have your internet privileges removed. 

The partisan peanut gallery: Fuck off. Your party is just as wrong as the other one.  Look beyond your own chosen affiliations.  

I can send my kids to their rooms when they act like this, and they would actually learn something. With the bunch in this mess? I doubt they even know right from wrong anymore.  And they are in charge of making the laws and keeping our country safe. 


Really inspires confidence, now don't it?

Edit: Elizabeth May sounded sane and grown up in all of this. Let's put her in charge of the kiddie tables.