That game of chicken that selected a Presidential candidate.


So as was apparent from a few weeks ago, Clinton is the candidate running under the dem ticket. 

Despite a party dead set on who was going to be the candidate, despite some really hardcore propaganda by the corporate media, Bernie got about 43% of the total support. 

Not bad for a man with far less name recognition, and all those powerful forces against him.  Imagine if this had been fair and impartial? 

So now Clinton, who is a war-hawk and also supports the banks and corporate interests is going to bring the US back from the abyss. Hallelujah! Everyone is now supposed to veer out of the way and forget how shitty this all went down.  The Democrat bigwigs are just going to keep down the road they are on, unblinking and unthinking. You know what to do? Right?

In the meanwhile the Bernie or Busters are all over the map. They recognise that if Trump wins, it's a bad deal. 

Many Bernie people who only came out because it was Bernie and his message, are saying Fuck you. Can't blame them. They were not Obama Democrats, or Clintonistas. They were independents or just plain not registered anywhere. 

Some Bernie people were brand new voters, drawn to an actual campaign that spoke to them, and their issues. They have no interest in supporting the status quo. They may disappear, and it will be up to the next generation then. 

Long term Republicans are hating both candidates, they will not be voting for either of them. Jill Stein is gaining interest, it will be kinda like the legend of Nader. A third party that will give it to Trump. 

I am a believer in voting, strongly.  This is making me be a lot more nuanced in my thinking, I feel their pain. I also know the stakes if Trump gets his new reality show off the ground.

The Dems are playing chicken with this, and since they have been doing it for so long....I think no one is going to blink however, and there will be a cataclysmic crash come November 2016. Oh yes. We will hear that grinding of metal all over the world.

We will feel it.