Peter Thiel. Modern Vampire. is going out of business this week. They were killed by a Billionaire with a personal grudge. 

Peter Thiel. I can only say that in my opinion- and this part is important- My opinion......Peter Thiel is a krazy fuck with entirely too much money and very little morality. None in fact. :)

This is one of his investments. Perhaps turning the blood of the young into a commodity may in fact be a thing of the future. Nothing can go wrong there, hey? Will 1%ers be ordering Extra virgin-vegan-Episcopalian blood for lunch in the future? It's a FRESH menu item daily! Don't look at what is hanging in the coolers in the back.  Seriously. 

Elizabeth Bathory, one of the world's first known serial killers was a rich woman in a "noble" family. Some legends say she tried to find the fountain of youth by bathing in the blood of young women, Peter Thiel just wants to inject it into his veins.

Creepy shit hey? But there is a lot more stuff about this asshat that is not as speculative.

Peter Thiel is perverting the courts of law in many other ways.

Investing in frivolous lawsuits that jam up the courts is probably one of the worst forms of grifting.   

He is also a Trump supporter. You knew that though, right?

Thiel has also postured as a libertarian, and even as his ideology shifts toward something more nihilistic — The Economist now calls him a “corporate Nietzschean” — he continues to rail against government programs like Medicare and Social Security. Meanwhile, he is chairman and co-founder of Palantir Technologies, a mass-surveillance-software company that makes a good deal of its money selling to the government; Palantir’s clients reportedly include the Department of Defense (including the NSA and various military branches), the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the CIA. Thiel is, inexplicably, pro-monopoly

And of course, Peter Thiel, fake libertarian is anti free speech, anti freedom of the press. Again, my opinion- Supported by the death of Gawker and many other projects this asshat works on. 

He has been purported to be gay, but is against gay rights. Self loathing much? Read the reason that he hates Gawker here. Was it an "outing"? or more of a fact that people didn't find the need to talk about? (Here in Canada there was an MP in the con party that was more of an open secret too)  The last line in that story about Thiel?

That's why I think it's important to say this: Peter Thiel, the smartest VC in the world, is gay. More power to him.

That article is still up yanno? He never went after that one in the courts.  Thiel just decided to be sneaky underhanded and evil instead.  Disclosure: I don't always like what Gawker has posted. I do disagree on occasion. I am however a huge Gizmodo fan. I have a much bigger issue with media that acts like this....The supposed grown ups in the room who have helped facilitate the deaths of so many.......

Somehow, it had become the case that the world was discussing whether a perennially profitable and growing publication could “hope to survive at all.” In one span of a little more than a year, not very long ago, the New York Times mistakenly accepted (and cheered for) a failed Venezuelan coup, printed falsehoods that helped carry the case for invading Iraq, and saw its top editors resign after a humiliating plagiarism scandal. No one suggested the paper had signed its own death warrant.

But it comes down to this: Ruthless, thin skinned people with money running and ruining the world.  

Gawker? They have run some things that I would find distasteful. But if one dumbass fake libertarian can ruin a huge media outlet using the courts and other nefarious ways....Oh. Right. Donald Trump.

Why not a president? 

In November, we may see just how far a thin skinned, tiny shrimp fingered, badly coiffured, reactionary, nationalist pissant- may go. 

Modern Vampires, they can suck the life out of pretty much everything. 




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