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Snubbed by mainstream blog awards.

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Accused of being "in a snit".

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What's a feminist blogger to do when she's all dressed up with no place to go?

Announcing the First Annual Canadian F-word Blog Awards!

Its the F WORD!
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Join us in celebrating the best Canadian feminism has to offer - activists, artists, uppity women, and more snark than you can shake a stick at. This event is being hosted by A Creative Revolution.

early blogger

Nominations graciously accepted from January 25 to February 8

The nomination list

First voting/elimination round: February 15 - 16

Final Vote: February 22 - 23

Winners announced February 24

One vote per IP address, per round, allowed.

No freeping, please *Administrators are ineligible. We are nothing if not fair.

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Jane Avril



Nice piece of film, there. I mean, REALLY nice. Whodunit?

Thanks Dr. Dawg.

:) That was a fun one for me to make.

Powers that be, powers of three, keep me strong during this insanity......

Aw Jeeeezzz

I am some ticked now. The double P's(*) and this site itself cannot be nominated ? Talk about taking integrity a step too far. Apart from that problem this award thing is a hell of an idea.

I don't read around enough to be able to put up many nominations, but I'm the kind of guy who will vote every chance I get.

One question. A WOC-centered blog would not be the World of Concrete site, I assume ? I suspect it is Wiccan centered blog.

I like this, I look forward to this, I'm going to learn a thing or two. Nice work.

* ( the double P's refers to prole & pale, not prole's pillows )


WOC = Women of colour. :)

Although I never thought of a pagan based blog. Ill look into that. That may be an addition. So many....Its all good. :)

And thanks willy. I think you shall really enjoy it when the noms come in. Lots to read!

Powers that be, powers of three, keep me strong during this insanity......


Now I feel like Homer Simpson - a bit of a dolt. It never occurred to me that WOC was Women of colour. Well, I have already learned something and nominations haven't even opened yet.

There are a number of categories, but that is good. All the more places to highlight the good stuff.

More catagories

Pagan is more general than Wiccan, so both would be a good category. As would atheist sisters and lets not forget my favorite category anarchist women.

Yeah, it's a bit late now

to be demanding (or was that a suggestion?) new categories. This has been up for two weeks with comments open. The categories are set, the site has been built. And we don't really do religion or anarchy.