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First voting/elimination round: February 15 - 16

Final Vote: February 22 - 23

Winners announced February 24

In addition to the awards themselves and because feminists know that walking the walk is just as important as talking the talk, we are proud to announce the Canadian F-word Blog Awards fundraising initiative for WISE. ( Wellbeing thru Inclusion Socially and Economically. )

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Details are to be found at this link.



Rules for nominations

  • Progressive politics only, natch.
  • Nominated blogs must be women authored, or be a majority of feminist content.
  • Nominate as many blogs as you'd like - the CFWBAs are a celebration and promotion of feminist blogging in Canada. The more exposure the blogs can get, the better.
  • Nomination of your own blog is perfectly acceptable.
  • Nominations for posts and comments categories, will be eligible if they were written between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2007.
  • Administrators (Pale, Prole, A Creative Revolution) are ineligible. 900ft Jesus is eligible at her own home site 'In the House and Senate'
  • Notice to the trolls: These nominations are for Progressive Feminist blogs, bloggers and comments. Anything NOT fitting those qualifications will be deleted. Fair warning. Take yer freedom uh speech elsewhere. I think there's a Freedominion poll somewhere you can freep.
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    Best Canadian Feminist Blog

    Best International Feminist Blog

    Activist Blog

    Environmental Blog

    Entertainment Blog

    Culture Blog

    Group Blog

    Individual Blog

    WOC-centered Blog

    Reproductive Liberty Blog

    Family Blog

    Political Blog

    LBGT Blog

    Humour blog

    Best comment thread

    Award for most poignant comment

    The "Why the fuck didn't I say that" comment

    Best Snark Comment

    Most Regressive "Progressive"

    The Support Bro - Best Post by a male in support of feminists/feminism

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