And the Winners ARE!

Welcome to our special edition of ACR, The awards edition....We really really REALLY had no idea that this was Oscar night? Prole and I don't watch too much TV and we obviously aren't reading the entertainment news!

But it's kind of fitting, in it's own way.

TO start off this grand shindig, we have a special message for all the Nominees and winners of the F Word Blog Awards; from Heather Mallick:

Welcome to The Canadian F-Word Blog Awards. I honour your courage. I honour you all.

Women couldn’t vote. We changed that. Women weren’t persons. We changed that. Women couldn’t get jobs. We changed that. Women couldn’t have abortions. We changed that. Women couldn’t wildly enjoy sex in every way we pleased. Oh, we changed that one.

Women’s voices aren’t heard. But we changed that in the world of the feminist blogosphere. It might be that our words flow digitally and are unseen in transmission so that when they try to silence us, it’s like catching fireflies with a baseball glove. How ham-fisted, how ambitious, those censors are.

But a woman on a blog cannot be silenced because, you see, it’s HER blog. Here, at least, we are free.

But the greatest thing about women blogging is that they don’t censor themselves, for we have learned that the female self is the most strict and controlling censor of all. As the born-rebellious writer Anne Lamott says, the radio station KFKD, K-Fucked, is always playing in a woman’s ear, every late-breaking bad news bulletin about what you’re doing wrong, and worse, how badly you’re doing it.

I don’t know if men get this station.

But change it. Go online. In the blogosphere, you can be honest. You can say what you think and feel what you feel, and nobody can say you are arrogant, out-of-control, vulgar and, my dear, a discredit to your sex. You can use your words to good effect and you can be uncharted and free.

Congratulations to all the nominees and all the winners. Yes, I have favourite categories, one of them being Humour Blog and the other being Best “Why the Fuck Didn’t I Say That” Comment. But everyone deserves recognition.

Good for you, all of you.

Blog with the best of them.

Heather Mallick

Author and Journalist

February 2008


Our thanks to Ms Mallick for so graciously writing that letter......When I wrote to her about the awards, her response was; "what can I do?".

And now, the moment that you all have been waiting for!
Presenting! The official award video for all those that who placed first in the Final vote, with a special surprise in the middle!

The runners up:

Entertainment Blog:


Family blog:

a peek inside the fish bowl

Humour blog:

Birth Pangs

Individual blog:


Political blog:

We Move to Canada

Why the fuck didn't I say that?:

BLANCHE DU BOIS at Birth Pangs

Best Support Bro:

Pretty Shaved Ape / Canadian Cynic

WOC centered blog:

Brown rab fish girl

Activist blog:

April Reign

Best Canadian feminist blog:

Unrepentant Old Hippie

Best International feminist blog:

Black Looks

Environmental blog:


Best Group blog:


Reproductive Liberty! blog:

Birth Pangs

LGBT blog:

One tenacious babymama

Congratulations to all, and what a great, fun, wonderful opportunity this was to look outside our small little niche in the blogosphere.

We were only to find that Feminist blogs are far more than a niche. The amount of Feminist blogs are vast and all are unique. So many voices. So many passionate women. And so many Support Bro's who are not "a'skeered" of strong women with strong opinions.

We are a driving force.

Congratulations again. And thank you all. So very much, for writing and caring what happens in this world.

We are in awe of you all.
See you Next year. (Many before then I'm sure!)

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Sorry. Its just too complex to keep small.



Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees!Thanks again ACR for bringing the class, kicking the ass and showing the wankers how it oughta be done.

"That which does not kill me just ain't trying that hard."

I always loved that line....

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum."

Powers that be, powers of three, keep me strong during this insanity......

A cult classic

And starring Rowdy Roddy Piper! Takes a good Canadian kid to truly deliver a line like that. Come to think there a quite a few 'classic' lines in that one.

Mama don't like tattletales. 

Brother, life's a bitch... and she's back in heat.

You see, I take these glasses off, she looks like a regular person, doesn't she? Put 'em back on...
[puts them back on]  ...formaldehyde-face!

Wooo. It's like a drug. Wearing these glasses gets you high, but you come down hard.

Where can we get some of them sunglasses? 

Everything's cheaper than it looks.

Extra special thanks

to Heather Mallick and Antonia Zerbisias for their support and for giving so generously of their time.

Well Done!

To all of ye here who did the work.

Congratulations to all winners but especially to all participants. Great job!

We were so happy

To have everyones support. Made it like.....MILES easier. And so much more pleasant. :)

Thank you!

Powers that be, powers of three, keep me strong during this insanity......


Congratulations to everyone, 1sts and runners up. And a huge thanks to Pale and Prole for pulling this off with such panache. Excellent work!!!Cool

Congratulations to all

All that won, all that were nominated. T'was a good deal all around. Exposure is a good thing.

Special kudos to those that worked there hinnies off to host the awards. I know who you are and would let you open a door for me any day. Or I would open the door for you, whatever works.

Congrats to all the deserving winners

I may have been ineligible to nominate and vote but still very pleased to see so many favourites win and place.  

Everything's cheaper than it looks.