Updated - I hate to say I told you so...

Truly. I'm not being facetious. I hate what is happening here, especially because I've watched it happen in my home country for my whole adult life. Linky

A well-known evangelical crusader is claiming credit for the federal government's move to deny tax credits to TV and film productions that contain graphic sex and violence or other offensive content.

Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition, said his lobbying efforts included discussions with Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, and "numerous" meetings with officials in the Prime Minister's Office.

"We're thankful that someone's finally listening," he said yesterday. "It's fitting with conservative values, and I think that's why Canadians voted for a Conservative government."

Um, no, asshole, (not a majority of) Canadians voted for the Conservatives because they were pissed at the Liberals over the sponsorship scandal, which the current Conservative government makes look like child's play. Oh, and there was the fact that the true agenda of the Conservative party was hidden from the public - giving fundamentalist right wing Christians decision-making powers in the government. Ya think this is in any way connected to how REALwomen were able to get a meeting with Bev Oda, when nobody else could, and then all of the sudden the SWC funding was cut?

A quick look at your Minister of Public Safety:

"As a Christian, I acknowledge the lordship of Jesus Christ over the whole universe," explained Day in 1998, in response to a gaffe made against single-parent families. "I believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God and every word in it, cover to cover, is true."

With this literalist belief in the Bible comes some unusual ideas that rarely gather press. As one educator made notes in an informal presentation Day made in Red Deer during 1997, the Treasurer claimed the following things to be true: 1) The earth is 6,000 years old; 2) Adam and Eve were real people; 3) Humans and dinosaurs co-existed; and 4) There's as much evidence for creation as evolution.

The educator declines to be named because he believes Day to be vengeful and worries that a public comment could affect local school funding.

I have no problem with people subscribing to any belief system that they choose, or that is imposed upon them by their family. It's when the extremists among them infect all levels of government, usually under false pretenses, and attempt to impose their religious laws and morality on others where I have a huge. f'ing. problem. I wrote about the attempts that fundamentalist Christians are making to get a foothold in the government of Canada in 2006 - and it appears that they have succeeded.

This is not something that you can ignore and make go away. Like the anti-abortion groups that they are interconnected with, these people are pathologically obsessed and relentless in pursuing their goals of turning Canada into an officially Christian Nation, where God's Law (rather, their earthly interpretation of) is the only law. They won't stop. Laugh it off as a couple of kooks who slipped under the radar and into Parliament, pooh-pooh it as something that could never happen here in open-minded secular Canada at your own risk. Make that at everybody's risk.

Updated with this gem:

Bill Siksay, heritage critic for the NDP, said he did not know about this amendment when he voted for the 600-page bill.

"To hear now that there may be a clause in it that will allow the government to censor the creative process in Canada comes as a significant shock and surprise," he told CBC News.

So, ya pass legislation WITHOUT READING IT?!? Next thing you'll be passing the Canadian Military Commissions Act of 2008 and then whining that "we didn't know it included illegal wiretaps and the suspension of habeas corpus! I'm very shocked to hear that now that I've voted for it, gosh, sorry about that!" I think maybe Mr. Siksay and all the MPs might be deserving of a firmly worded letter about their deriliction of duty.






Absolutely right ...

... about Siksay's comment, which is infuriating to me.

Maybe we should start keeping a tally on the idiot opposition. Screwed up on AECL -- check. Screwed up on film tax credits -- check.



Seeing as how the MPs are getting a pay raise to a minimum of $155,400, perhaps they should actually do something to earn their salary. Like, oh, I dunno, READ THE LEGISLATION THEY PASS!!! Yeesh, they are a bunch of hapless, impotent Democrats, aren't they. I'm so sad and disappointed. If it weren't for the healthcare, I may as well have moved my husband to the US. It's not much different here, really, or at least it isn't now. Cry

I am floored

...and so are the rest of the arts community. Everyone was caught off guard.

When did Siksay replace Angus as Heritage Critic? To be fair, this was buried in a finance (ways and means committee?) omnibus bill so it really was up to the finance critics to flag the proposed amendment. And it seems that that is now Thomas Mulcair's portfolio.

Makes me think freaking twice about abolishing the Senate. Seems like they're the only ones working. They are the only ones carefully reading these US styled omnibus Bills that Harper is ramming through Parliament.

Yep. Those US-styled omnibus bills

That's a new tactic up here.

Who says they haven't been reading Uncle Karl's playbook? 

Everything's cheaper than it looks.

Awww.. poor Stevie

Timing couldn't have been better. He's too preoccuppied with trying to sweep something else under the rug to have told McVety to STFU and wait before tooting his own horn.

Glad this is out in the open now. I can see some industry group, or consortium of industry groups making a Charter challenge, if this passes.

Double-barrelled shot: In addition to the censorship angle this also has potential to devestate the production industry and we could likely see another culture drain. Directors, writers, talent, techies...

But back to the Dominionists, another 'I told you so' (Oct. 2006). Yeah, McVety's a real piece of work. 

So, if he's lobbying government shouldn't we be taking a look at the tax-exempt status of his church?

Everything's cheaper than it looks.

I am so glad these 3 things all happened together

Bill C-484, the Cadman scandal, and now government censorship of the arts by religious wingnuts! People might not take much notice of any one of those, but two's gonna make them drop their fork, and three? Heh.

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blogspot is down

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Everything's cheaper than it looks.

The Cadman story

has gone international... Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo posted about it today.

Too bad we didn't get Raph to put down any money, eh Frank?


he wouldn't put his money where his keyboard is. ;-)

Everything's cheaper than it looks.