Today just blew me away.
36 percent voted for the Harpercons. And they are running the f*cking show. The minority of voters in this country including the 23% that are hardcore Right Wing Authoritarians are controlling this country.

Ok, recall when that debacle we called an election happened? Some of the so called experts said to those of us who were alarmed that we needn't worry. With a minority, the cons would not be able to enact their more regressive ideas. With a minority that could be brought down at many opportunities, Canada was safe. And in just a holding pattern.
How wrong can you be? I wanna be a highly paid f*cking pundit. My average of predicting political happenings, is way higher than theirs. I mean, I am all for higher education, and I do accept science and the need for expertise.
But the ones who predicted a cowed minority? You were wrong.

You were so wrong you have gone around wrong 5 f*cking times.
You were sooooooooooooooooooooo wrong that I suspect you got your higher edjumacation at Burger fucking U. Maybe you learned to predict political happenings by reading the grill marks on the f*cking burgers. Whatever. You are wrong and you should all be fired and sent home with no supper. Bah. A pox on you lot.

Because not ONLY were you wrong. You are probably responsible for part of the harm that has befallen us. You lulled people into thinking that all was ok. Holding patterns. neutered minority. Recall?

And now. We all pay.

The other thing I wanna talk about. Mr Dion? I cannot begin to tell you what I think of you tonight. I will have to do it another day, when I don't have this urge to call you something to do with bodyparts fornicating.
I would like to write a letter to your wife, to make sure she knows what vote happened today.
And I would also like your personal written explanation as to what the fuck you were doing today, that was so much more important than my daughters rights to personal bodily autonomy? The right to be full human beings in this country.

And when the fuck did all of you decide that it was ok to just walk out of house votes? period? Do your fucking job!

I have a feeeeeeeeeling you saw the Mercer video? thats YOU!
I am an undeclared voter, as many are at this time. Your party will not get my vote. Maybe ever. Personally, I think that the cons have something on you people. ON a large number anyway. Thats the only possible explanation for this.
My tin foil hat fits just fine!
So think about it....If the cons don't have pictures of some in sexual positions with farm animals, Recordings of some taking payola, or witnesses who saw someone whacking off in an adult theater? What could the possible explanation be? That you all condone this, freely? That this is just OK with you? You are too good to get down and fight for your constituents? And to hold the Hapercons feet to the fire over ANYTHING?

Seriously. We need to know now so we can make other plans. We have no time to waste with you lot.



I feel the same way. Where the hell was dion yesterday and why the hell are the Libs still propping up this corrupt government?

Intense letter writing time. They'll have to start paying us for governing!


They saw that bullshit poll

that said 70% of Canadians support a pregnant woman's right to not be murdered, or however the wording was done, and thought this was safe. No need to actually THINK about it or LISTEN to the people saying "you're being manipulated by extreme anti-abortion factions using the grief of the victims of horrible crimes to get their way". Nah, look at that ONE POLL!

And where WAS Dion?

also, the wording of the poll

did not use the word child, nor did it say in anyway the foetus would have separate rights. It is natural most would support a bill that places a heavier sentence on causing an involuntary miscarriage. That's what the poll, in its wording, was asking. The CONs (see Epps site) twisted that into support for their bill.

This is a very dangerous bill. Seriously, we need to pressure the Libs to toss this government. Committees aren't working at all under that son of a cock-fuck Harper