Dion - let them eat Spam! errr...cake!

So. Liberal "leader" Dion was absent from yesterday's vote on nefarious bill C-484. You know, the one that the Facebook group "I Support Bill C-484" says "If passed, this bill would provide additional legal security to pregnant victims of crime. As well, this would be a key step in recriminalizing abortion". *As a quick aside, I wonder exactly what "provide additional legal security to pregnant victims of crime" means. Because it sure isn't about protecting pregnant women from abuse, assault, or murder, or preventing those things. I mean, according to that statement, the pregnant woman is already a victim of crime. So how does this help, exactly?

Where was the leader of Canada's natural ruling party, anyway? He wasn't in parliament, whipping his caucus to protect the rights of Canadian women from attack and assault by a disingenuous piece of so-con legislation. Oh! He was at a party. Not just any party, though, a party to celebrate International Women's Week! Hooray! Yanno, because of Alannis Morissette, I always thought that the word "ironic" meant something different in Canada, like maybe, "made of iron". But nope, the true meaning of irony is clearly not dead here.

At around 8 p.m., Stephane Dion informally addressed the group at his house. He made mention of the bill's passing and acknowledged the deep disappointment in the room. But he assured his women MPs that if the vote had been on actually passing the bill, Liberals would have turned out in force to defeat it. I detected a little sheepishness -- the Liberals not turning up for votes in the House is starting to be a sensitive topic. As it should be.

Gosh, sorry gals, I was right in the middle of putting up pink streamers for the party. Pink is the international colour for women, no? Much too busy getting ready, and also helping to prop up the Conservative minority government at every conceivable chance. Plus there was an issue with the ice ring for the punchbowl - couldn't get it out of the mould - wow, that was almost a disaster! But hey, if this were the real vote on actually passing the bill, things would have been different, I swear! Cocktail weenie, anyone?

Apart from this, and on a more social note, the party was quite elegant. It was hosted by Janine Krieber, Dion's very interesting spouse, and was intended to mark International Women's Week. (The irony of Bill C-484's fate, juxtaposed with this event, is almost too much.) Krieber had decked the house out in pink flowers and all the cocktail food served was pink as well -- lobster, pink-tinted goat-cheese canapes, red-pepper bisque and yes, even tiny hamburgers, served on pink-tinted buns.

Well isn't that just fancy-schmancy. While Ken Epp, with the help of a contingent of Liberals and one NDP schmuck, is working diligently to bring women's rights back to pre-suffrage, if not pre-enlightenment days, the Liberal leader is having adorable hamburgers on tiny pink buns. How fucking precious.





I HATE pink.

BTW? I wont wear it, and the only reason my wee girlz do is because thats what shows up in the discount bins.
Pink. Blech.
Spam is pink. Betcha there was no spam there...

Powers that be, powers of three, keep me strong during this insanity......

One liberal

Is running around making excuses..Ya. we ALL know who that would be.

Now. Heres the kicker. Dion Simply didnt give enough of a flying fuck to be there.
so. Liberal apologist anon progressive? Thats where it is. He didnt care enough to even lodge a nay vote. And for that? Hes never going to be forgiven. And the Libs now have a lot more work that before, when they were already defacto fucking neocons.

Enough excuses.

Powers that be, powers of three, keep me strong during this insanity......