Truth in advertising....

I have been getting all those taxpayer funded-push-poll-flyers in the mail. Lee Richardson seems to have monumental amounts of OUR money to spend on non-CONservative ridings, in another province. Not to mention the amount of paper and resources to send these lying peices of shite to all mailboxes. Scumbucket. So here are some versions you won't see from the Conservaliars. Feel free to print em out and mail em in. (Just fold it, tape it closed, and write one of the following adresses on it.) Although you can mail anything to a Member of parliament for free, please use a stamp. We shouldn't stoop to their level. Rocks must be so heavy when you live under one.

Or. Email it as an attachment!....Why be as wasteful as the Cons? Unlike the Harpercons we have to live with budgets, and save at least a few trees.

MP, and party Contact links. MAIL AND EMAILS.

Truth #1




Truth 2
Truth 3
Truth 4



Well done!

If they want to spend my money they should at least be forced to tell the truth!!


They wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the ass however.

Dona Cadman says she can tell the truth just by lookin Harper in the eye...She needs glasses....And some common sense.

If you believe you can tell me what to think, I believe I can tell you where to go......


A LOT of work, Pale! Fabulous! My Con MP hasn't been sending mailouts - but then he's almost always MIA. Think I might send him one of these anyway. Just for fun.

Can I play too?

Great piece. No one in advertising is clear these days.

Can I suggest an ad too?

Mine would be about the Home Renovation Program. As a Liberal/NDP program it aimed at reducing the energy cost of a building so anyone living there for fifty years to come would save cash.

Conservative aims to increase the value of the house for one family now. The program now also deletes ANY renters getting thier space fixed up. Apartment buildings need new windows and low boy toilets.

Mr Harper's plan is straight out of the Prosperity Plan for telechurches. Cities are Soddam and Ghomorrah's full of elietess renters.

Clearly a program for a minority voter base who still would have gotten something with the old program. Part beneficiary instead of whole.

Mr Obama is using the old program Harper ditched and gutted as part of his energy environmental plan. We are not following the American effort? Maybe sometimes.

I need a pill.