The Cowardly Party of Canada.

In the past decade, this Canada, the one that we have slid into- is a lot crueller, and a lot more mean spirited.

What would happen to cause a country that was at least working towards some modicum of equality, fairness and justice to go back towards the dark ages?

Part of it is money. 

You feeling the income gap? The income gap is a great thing for corporations and Governments that want to scare the crap out of working people. Corporations get their labour for much less as there are so many grasping at jobs that have little hours, low pay and no benefits. Survival is an amazing motivator. 

Give those same corporations massive tax breaks and create deficits, while those same corporations take manufacturing jobs away, and stockpile their money elsewhere. 

Cut programs and services to give paltry tax breaks to "regular Canadians". The Harpercons have convinced some people that saving eg:$120.00 on their tax bill is more important than funding medical care, the social safety net and education. They tell those who have lost their jobs to shrinking manufacturing, that it is all their own fault.

They call Employment Insurance an "Entitlement", yet we all pay into it- it is our own money.  Deny claims. And then take the money to pay for the corporate tax breaks. 

Abandon the disabled, make them jump through hoops- like proving every year that a limb has not grown back, or that they have not suddenly been cured of a mental disability-every year. Enough souls will fall through the cracks that the cost savings is probably significant. 

Part of it is hate. 

Hate of those who we do not understand, a hate fostered by a Government that awards large no bid defence contracts to corporations so we can send war to far away countries so they hate us more.

Bills like C-51 that allow that same Government to pry into the private lives of citizens with little oversight, that discriminate against "others". Many will simply tell us that those who have nothing to hide, should not be bothered by this. 

Part of it is misplaced jealousy. 

Someone is getting something I don't have! This applies to the Union and labour busting forces. This also applies to refugees and other immigrants. 

Part of it is that so many are believing lies, and not verifying. 

Now, the Government of Harper would like us to believe that they are the stewards of the economy. Only they can save us from recessions and depressions. But since most of their own policies have brought us to that state, it is laughable. Well, it would be if so many were not so gullible. There are many who buy the manufactured economic record of this bunch of maroons. 

What do all of the above categories have in common? 


Late night ruminations.....The soundtrack.

I am reading a lot of news items that I saved in all my tabs this week. Im still around, you betcha.

Number one on my "fun" list. Wonder how the AM team learned they had been pwned?

This was on their PC's. Now THAT, is fucking class. Of movie proportions.... 

 Yesterday (Aug. 24), journalists attending a Toronto press conference surrounding the Ashley Madison leaks wondered why they were being handed AC/DC lyric sheets. 

The hard rock legends were the unwitting soundtrack of choice for the online criminals. The press conference revealed that when employees of the dating-by-way-of-infidelity website logged into their computers July 12, they were greeted to a message from the hackers accompanied by AC/DC's 1990 song "Thunderstruck." 


Number two, the Harperman story. Gotta love it, muzzling those you think that you own. 

Bonus. The actual song....



Finally.......Because I am in the mood...Always relevant. 



Sympathy for the Devil.

Coyne takes on sarcasm to demonstrate how implausible Harper's story really is..... Hell hath frozen over.

And yet, this good man, deceived, humiliated, betrayed on all sides, found it in his heart to forgive them. You or I, had we found ourselves in the same position, might have taken the most foul sort of revenge: fired the lot, paraded them in front of the media, forced them to answer for what they had done. But that is not, we can see now, Harper’s way: this supposedly ruthless autocrat, this cold, vindictive brute of caricature, responded to this monumental breach of trust with comprehensive mercy. No one was fired, though some were allowed to leave. Some are even travelling with him on his campaign. He was even going to forgive Wright, and would have, had it tested better.

Makes this whole deal sound as ludicrous as it is for sure.   

I go with option B. The current government of Canada thinks they are above the law, and they also think that Canadians are going to buy their story.  

Now, some conservative supporters will go to any length to accomodate their cognitive dissonance, but are there any who actually give a shit about this country, or are they all just willing to go along to save face? If they were good honest and smart, they would toss these bums out.

But smart isnt a Conservative trait. In Harper-supporter-land, intelligence is reviled and the earth is flat. 

As for much of the media?


Crank it.

Bwhahahahaha! Your life may be shorter, especially if you used a credit card on Ashley Madison.

The tagline for a scumbucket cheater site: Life is short, have an affair.......

I am definately feeling the Schadenfreude!

I know, this story involves hackers and all that.

And I couldn't care less! 

Ashley Madison had approx 37 million accts. Now, there are many in that number that may have just been horny dudes in the dark in front of a screen with their dicks in their hands, no credit card info changed hands so those guys are probably safe. 

But there are probably a lot of them, who used their own credit cards and were actively paying to seek an affair. 

Today it all starts coming out, the info is now apparently searchable. Who will be there? Which captains of industry, which holier than thou art religious whackadoos will be exposed? How many mid life chrisis' will be totally exposed for all to see? Stay tuned. They already got a Duggar. 

To all those who were cruising around on this site? Batten down the hatches. Divorce is an expensive and emotional thing. 

You would have been better off just looking at porn. If you were not happy with the one you married, or are in a relationship with? End it or fix it.

No one deserves this kind of humiliation and pain because they happen to be with an asshat who can't keep their pants zipped or keep promises. 

Let the games begin! BOOYA!

"Needy" Mike Duffy.

I was just looking at a synopsis of the Nigel Wright emails in the Duffy trial. If nothing else, this trial is an interesting look at the minds of those helping to run Canada into the proverbial crapper. 

We get to see Nigel Wright telling Chris Woodcock (who verrrrrry quietly took his leave from the PMO and was placed into another Conservative office) that good'ol'Mike needs care and attention or he may lose it. 

Because he did lose it. One definately gets the impression that Mike was not a popular kid in the Senate......

But! It is something that Wright said in court that REALLY got my hackles up. It's the part where Wright uses a biblical quote to explain what he thought he was doing by paying Duffy's expenses in this coverup operation that the PMO was orchestrating....

“Yes, my view, I think I mentioned yesterday, my view is it was I was helping out, I was doing a good deed and sort of Matthew 6, right?" said Nigel Wright to an Ottawa courtroom on Thursday. “This is, you should do these things quietly and not let your left hand know what the right hand is doing.”

Huffpo also provides the relevant passage from the bible to illustrate just how out of touch and insidious some of these cons are with their mad bible thumping skills. 

“This is, you should do these things quietly Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.and not let your left hand know what the right hand is doing.”

See, in Con-land a brotha' needing almost $100,000 to cover fraudulent claims is "needy".  But those tossed out of work because of an incompetent uncaring govt that has allowed corporations to run the show, or those injured overseas during an occupation the government supports, are not needy. They can sink or swim, just like the rest of us proles and peons that are not part of the magic-inner-conservative circle. 

Cherrypickers. Another biblical quote that the Health'n'Wealth prosperity crowd surprisingly no likey....

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money."

We know what side the PMO and all their supporters are on. You betcha. 

Stick puppet theatre?

I get to use this graphic again!


Harper says he knows nothing. Nope. Nadda. Those emails? NO one read them to him? No one discussed anything with him, cause he is the leader. Or bubble boy. Or, the lonely king. 

Either he is a master manipulator who lets nothing past and he knew this whole gig, or, he is just a stick puppet being controlled by a staff that has gone rogue. 

Whichever way you look at it? He is incompetent. This assesment is backed up by all his poor choices in senate appointments, the pedophile who played drums in his band.....ETC. Any real economist will tell you that Canada will not have a balanced budget, and that by sending us further into austerity, we go down the crapper. 

The Tory bus is rolling through Canada. Bit bumpy with all the bodies underneath it hey? How many Tories will need to fall on their swords for their great leader this time? Bump bump!


Fuck Germany.

I have been following the news from Greece, like so many people have I guess. 

But like so many that have come before, the Greek Government crawled out of their corner and sold their people down the river. Again. 

Fuck the EU and the banks that own it.

Fuck Germany. They don't seem to care that this austerity bullshit is actually killing people.  When it was Germany who historically defaulted on their debts they seemed quite ok with it. I read one article a few months back (bloomberg big biz hacks of course) that said that Germany deserved a write down of their debts after being major participants and losers in two world wars and the main cause of so much death and destruction. 

They say Greece does not. 

The people of Greece didn't bring this on, the banks, corporations and the EU. There are the culprits. 

The people of Greece, are dying and suffering to pay back a bunch of greedy banks and governments.

So today I read this: 

"Germany says the idea that basic human rights in Greece might suffer because of austerity imposed by the country's creditors is "fanciful."

Fanciful? FANCIFUL? We knew what harm this was all causing as far as a couple years ago......

LONDON -- Researchers say they have found new evidence that Greece's financial crisis is taking a toll on the health of its citizens, including rising rates of HIV, tuberculosis, depression and even infant deaths.

Since the economic crisis hit several years ago, the government's health spending has been slashed and hundreds of thousands of people have been left without health insurance. As cuts have been made to AIDS prevention programs, rates of HIV and tuberculosis in drug users have spiked.

Previous studies have found suicides in Greece have increased by about 45 per cent between 2007 and 2011. The new research found the prevalence of major depression more than doubled from 2008 to 2011, citing economic hardship as a major factor.

I have no way to put into words.....The amount of disgust and rage that I feel towards the worlds bankers and the IMF. Murdering loan sharks is all they really are. 


BC Ferries tells BC Coast communities to kwitcherbitchin!

The CEO of BC Ferries, the faux private corporation created by the BC Liberals from a crown corporation, hath spoken and it goes summin like this:

 BC Ferries CEO and president Mike Corrigan says the public campaign against high ferry fares is keeping tourists away and could become “a self-fulfilling prophecy” that hurts coastal economies along with the ferry system they rely on.

“At some point in time it becomes almost a pile-on effect,” Corrigan told Coast Reporter in an hour-long interview last week in which he also defended the current BC Ferries business model.

 Corrigan said he knows of potential tourists who are avoiding the coastal ferry system due to the negative publicity.

No one who lives here can afford the Ferries either, it is BC Ferries constant price increase that has caused some uproar in communities that depend on them. 

But the CEO wants us to shhhhhhhhhh. It's a sekrit! 

The Streisand effect 


Coined in 2005, after a 2003 incident in which singer Barbra Streisand attempted to have a picture of her house removed from a public collection of 12,000 images documenting coastal erosion in California.


(US) IPA(key): /ˈstɹaɪ.zænd əˌfɛkt/

You can add one more hit for google. :) This is now a news story and is being passed on Facebook and other social media. 


Dieting cults and the fads of food.

I was thinking about making dinner this evening and I am vexxed as to what to make?

I mean, ask around and I am totally sure that someone will have some idea or opinion on that. They will often enough get perfectly militant on their chosen food obsession...

What is safe? 

Potatoes? NOOOOOOOOOO. Starch. 

Meat? MORE MORE MORE from the paleo's, but then the Vegans will tell you how evil it is, and that thousands of years ago we ate berries and roots.  Maybe we ate rocks.

Vegetables? Are they ALL organic non GMO? Mebbe not, I wasnt able to sell a kidney this week for the shopping. 

Is there dairy in there? Well hell, are you not aware that mankind was never supposed to drink cows milk? Try soy? Tastes like shit, and is good or bad for you depending on whom you ask. 

Bread? Nope. Gluten is bad for da'belly. It is the shooter on the grassy knoll and completely responsible for the current issues we face in society! Or something something. 

Try a smoothie, or juice everything! Drink all your meals with a straw, you will not need your teeth!

Only eat on even days with the number 1 in them. Detox, starve yourself for a few days drinking lemon and water to level out your PH! 

Dear Rob Nicholson: you are a sanctimonious blowhard Chickenhawk GIT. RANT MODE ON.

 In yet another Bush moment.......

fucking git

The only form of recycling that the HarperTools believe in, recycled rhetoric.......

"ISIL has declared war on Canada," Nicholson said. "By name, it seeks to wage its jihad against our people. No matter how these facts are communicated, Canadians know that the leaders of the opposition parties will dismiss that and with that, they [are] dismissing Canadian values."

My values? Mine are just fine. You, are a warmongering, divisive moutarde. Your values?

The Addams family has better values than the Conservative party of Canada. 

How DARE you tell me that because I am not interested in bombing countries, that I am dissmissing "Canadian Values." 

You have no fucking strategy, do ya? Just blow shit up. WIth the same relish as the farm film report celebrity blow up. The fact that this bullshit has been going on for years in Iraq and Afghanistan and that the same "strategy" you all are using here, has only served to make things worse.

The meteorological misadventure that dare not speak it's name......

This is getting as silly as can be. If these people dribbling the silly were not so amazingly dangerous....

There are actually people who will vote for an outhouse if it has a GOP elephant on it. (Similarly, the big ol "C" for the Republican franchise here in Canada)

This is how Scott got in in Florida, and Cruz was elected in Texas. 

In Florida, it is now an "unwritten" rule that no one can say the words......Climate change. (Herin referred to as "limatecey hangecey") It is like sticking your head up your ass so you cant hear it, or calling Bloody mary in front of a mirror apparently. Say "climate change" three times while standing in front of an Oil refinery will bring it on? 

Sorry. It is already here. 97% of scientists pretty much agree in unison on this one. Big oil funded politicians listen to the three percent who say nay. Think tanks are working hard to further this discussion as though it is a matter of "opinion". All of their followers lap it up. 

What happens to those who break the Florida rule?

An employee of Florida’s environmental protection department was forced to take a leave of absence and seek a mental health evaluation for violating governor Rick Scott’s unwritten ban on using the phrases “climate change” or “global warming” under any circumstance, according to a complaint filed against the state.

State officials WILL NOT say the limatecey hangecey words, even to the point of hilariousness, which is what made this video so funny.


Upside down thinking. It also reminds me of all the stories out of the Soviet Union and other politically repressed countries. :)

C-51. Yes, it really is that important.

Here at ACR and many other blogs, we discuss the news of the day and tend to make our opinions known. (Yes. I know. Real life has interfered way too much so the world has been saved from my rants lately)

But that new bill, C-51?

It will take your right to your own opinion and make it open to the interpretation of a spy state. No tin foil hat stuff. This is the real deal. 

If you have an opinion that goes against the will of the Oil companies who are bankrolling the Conservative MP's? You will probably become a person of interest. 

Don't want to drag Canada into another war situation and dare to speak out? You will be on a list, somewhere. Your private life will become a shared story across Government departments. 

"This bill disproportionately targets indigenous communities, environmental activists, dissidents, and Muslims, many of whom are already subjected to questionable and overreaching powers by security officials, [and] will make it easier and ostensibly lawful for government to continue infringing upon the rights of peaceful people," the website states.

You can become one of the dissapeared, held with no charges and no way to communicate to the outside world. No fly list? You got it baybay!

Now, the Liberals are supporting this dreck, while Justin Trudeau is also taking up hypocrisy. Bill C-51 is harmful to Canadians who also happen to be Muslim. JT  stood up recently and derided Harper for "deliberately fostering prejudice against Muslims".  The site tells us they want fairness and transparency, while they are about to vote for fascism and an Orwellian state. Anyone still supporting that party needs to think hard on that. 

You cannot have it both ways. The Liberals go onto the asshat list.  The NDP is on my wishy washy list. 

Mulcair? He is against C-51. After he stood and took a reading of the way the wind was gonna blow. You betcha. 

We are on our own here. Majority Con Govt, with a whole bunch of asshats in support. How do you think this will go down? Charter challenges usually win on the side of right. Sadly, they take years and we can go a lot further down this rabbithole in the meanwhile. 

 Heh. I still remember the times so many told me that the bullshit that Bush pulled after 911 could not happen here. Why not? Because Canadians would not stand for it! 

Seems to me that many just decided to bend over. There will be no lube. Just sayin. 



The Free Hand of the Market slaps SUN tee vee upside the head.

Well. As always I am very pissed off for the people who worked there. These jobs belonged to and supported many people. 

But hey. They are kvetching and playing pointy finger already, but FAUX News North could not complete, no one wanted to buy it. 


Goodnight SUN tee vee. I never knew ye well, and am happier for it. 



Is our children learning? A British Columbia FSA story.


Is our Children learning? - G.W. Bush, during the push for the failed US No Child Left Behind debacle.


A couple weeks ago, I received a notice in my daughters backpack telling me about some testing that is to be done. Glowingly talking about how IMPORTANT it was......etc. But that these tests would not in fact make any difference to my kid's grades or anything, merely for statistical purposes. For magical funding that never arrives. There are a lot of questions as to what happens with these test results? But then......

Retail Canada.

I am taking myself off the telephone today. It is that, or throw it against a wall, and it really is not the phones fault. (And I would need to buy a new one)

I decided to order a couple things today, because that time is coming soon....We arent going all out even, just a couple carefully selected items.

So. Canadian Tire? You suck BIG TIME. None of your departments at my local store even answer the phone. Voice mail? Bite me.  I am not driving for half an hour there, and then ha;f an hour home, when a supposedly easy phone call should be possible. 

One down. 

Sears? Oh, you get the most exuberant BITE me. First off......Yanno why Sears is facing total annihilation? One reason is Offshoring. Lets start there. I was connected to the Philippines. Not these peoples fault, they are offered jobs and no one can fault them a bit for taking them. 

But heres the thing? All of these jobs that were taken from Canadians, take money from Canadian pockets. It aint rocket science. So now, no one can afford to shop at Sears anyway.

Retail Canada? You do it to yourselves with every shitty backorder, job cut, and crappy service experience with poor people in other countries working at jobs that used to pay for families here, that have to listen to us rant and rave. 

Happy Christmas, and you deserve every shitty bankruptcy that comes your way. 

Amazon? I have been really avoiding them. But I see why people go there. 




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