Repost: A Tail Of Two Kitties

A repost from 2007, and 2008. Just to say that at this time of year, and especially this year with the economy still in the trench, there are children who need a "kitty" of their very own.  -pale
kitty, in better days, before the stuffing came out.

Its that time of year again.

I call it the annual stressfest (otherwise known as Christmas.)
Its that time when everyone wants your money: stores, charities....

I bet you can tell by the title that this is probably not a political diary?

No, this is a diary about something entirely different.

Blessed Samhain!

Or, Happy Halloween.
The leaves were swirling all over the yard yesterday as I grabbed one of our old xmas trees out of the back in the guerilla composting pile.

It has been resurrected and once again graces our living room.

Observations through thick and thin.....

I have said it before. I am a walkin' talkin' eating disorder.

I started purging and crash dieting at the age of 12. Fast forward a few years, and I found myself a size 22. At the moment I am a much smaller size, purely a reaction to stress. Just could not eat. Period.

So, I can give you the skinny, as it were, on how people act and react to my various sizes, it's an interesting thing actually.

When I was a larger lady, I always dressed fairly well, hair and makeup always done. Despite that, it became common to be treated as invisible. Lots of people offer dieting advice too, unasked for and unwanted and not always in a kindly way. But that is always a given, the holier than thou art types think they need to save you from yourself.


Well, it is that time again. All the Pumpkins, the rain. The Blech.

But, Halloween is only 28 short days away! (There is a countdown on the sidebar. The ladies check it daily)

A strange tale.

I know a few of you are aware that my marriage has been in some trubble for some time.

Last night it all came to a head and Lhomme stormed out.

It was all about his mid life crisis, and my inability to accept everything he has been up to.

He secretly hired a 23 yr old girl who had JUST been fired because she was not intelligent enough to operate a cash register or a lotto machine.
Most people advertise for competent people, not lhomme. This one? Not bright enough to construct a coherent sentence.
Anyhoo. I found out they were sending flirty texts to each other, about 30 per day.
Think she would be gone? Hell no. Lhomme says hes fixed it. Hes told her they are going to be professional, over two hours of phone calls one day while I was at work......

He told me she was fired a total of 5 times.
Hours of phone calls to her.

He was lying about money constantly and putting us into overdraft.
I have not been doing well during all of this, and he refused to believe that I had a right to say she needed to be gone. It's my "story" he says.


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