Told ya so.


How many years were many of us warning that Harper and Company were not here for the well being of Canadians?


Some insisted that Harper is a moderate, he wouldn't dismantle Canada if he got a mahjoritay. Nah, many of them said. He wouldn't dare! We shall vote him out then!

Y'all are over the edge! they said.




Today is the day.

The recall election of one of the anti union, anti woman, pro corporate Koch brothers flunky governors.

Scott Walker supporters are phoning those who signed the recall petition to tell them that they really don't need to get out and vote, it's already been counted.

Lowest common denominators, and how to reach rock bottom.

The plan:

Steal errrrr.....confiscate the $55 Billion that has accumulated in the EI surplus, leaving a small percentage. Just before a worldwide economic meltdown.

Then, bring in thousands of temporary workers from foreign countries. Pay them lower wages, and apply lower employment standards. Chain them to employers that may or not be abusive in many ways, tie the continued stay of the temporary foreign workers to how accepting and docile they are to those conditions.

21st century indentured slaves.


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