The first commission of inquiry is a "study" commission to report on the use of conducted energy weapons in British Columbia, and to make recommendations respecting their appropriate use.

The second commission of inquiry is a "hearing and study" commission to provide the Dziekanski family and the public with a complete record of the circumstances of Mr. Robert Dziekanski’s death and to make recommendations the Commissioner considers necessary and appropriate.

Lying glurge for JAY-ZUS!


What is Glurge? Think of it as chicken soup with several cups of sugar mixed in...[..]




Glurge kitty wants you to wuv him......And send lots of "gifts".

You know, those emails you get from people who may have just gotten onto the net, and from people who just pass on every chain letter they get and then those that have been at the sugary drinking fountain...Pictures of sad eyed puppies and kittens and angels and rainbows....with little poems or stories that just make a lot of us want to puke. (No baby talk for this chick.....UGH!)

Well, here is the ultimate glurge:

The unmarried mother's story about giving birth to a child diagnosed as terminally ill in the womb hit a major nerve on the Internet.
Every night for the last two months, thousands of abortion opponents across the nation logged on to a blog run by the suburban Chicago woman who identified herself only as "B" or "April's Mom."

Hairy-Legged-baby-eating-feminazi's. RANT MODE ON.

The oddest items come up when you put certain words into teh google. I was just on a tour'de'crud.

When old white fucks who use terminology like "radical feminists" and title their screeds "Feminism the greatest evil: the repudiation of life" you know it's just going to be downhill from there, right?

More evil than the Nazi's, more oppressive than communist China. Doncha know?
Is it Attila the Hun? Nope, it's the Feminazi overlords. Bow down male scum!

Abortion represents more than a moral holocaust. Just last month a woman from Eskilstuna, Sweden who already had two girls learned that her infant in utero was female. She demanded — and received — a state-financed abortion on the grounds that this time she wanted to have a boy.

First of all, why would a woman have an abortion for sex selection purposes? Usually, it is the Male overlords who have deemed girl children as inferior, and male children as desirable. Oppressed women do as they are told. Who decided on that abortion? Male dominated society. Makes perfect sense to me, but as usual the obvious has eluded said ole white fuck because in his teeny tiny brain it had to be a feminist who thinks girl children are teh evil.


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