We could have kept it quiet.......RANT MODE ON!

Oh yes indeedy little ladies! Shhhhhhhhhhh. Just whisper about it. Do not tell anyone unless you make them pinkie swear they won`t tell anyone else, or Heaven forbid.....do anything about it!

Something bizarre popped into my head this morning when I was reading the misguided remarks by one Meagan Leslie.

When I was in grade 5-6 I went to this school that was really old. My Mum had actually attended it as well back in the late 1940`s or very early 50`s.  There were these rooms in the basement for when it rained (Im in the rainforest part of BC, so they got used a lot). Massive cavernous rooms with their own set of bathrooms even. One side was marked "GIRLS". The other side was "BOYS".  If any of the girls were being teased by boys, they were told to go play there so as to avoid. Back in the 1970's that was the prevailing idea. Just hide, and make sure you aren't seen. 

So when I read this article today, I was blown away by how things haven't changed, even when we are all (supposedly) growed up!

I don't know the full story on the allegations on the Hill. That part may or may not become public based on further investigation. The names of the two MP's have been kept mostly out of the press so far, even though the whispers tell us the story is out there in certain press and political circles. 

What I do know? When these allegations have been made, and obviously with some weight to them, I think we need to act. 

The Liberals could have found a quieter way to handle allegations of personal misconduct against two of their MPs, even if that meant creating greater mystery around what happened, NDP deputy leader Megan Leslie said Friday.

“That’s not a coverup. That’s listening to these women and making sure they have a safe work environment,” Leslie, the MP for Halifax, said in a telephone interview.

Ohhhhh. Mystery theatre?  More like political theatre. YUP! When menz are accused of harrassement, women should take a leave of abscence, or just avoid them. Shhhhhhhhhh! It is their choice to let alleged predators continue on with their lives and stuff, and the wimminz can just tiptoe around and avoid. They can use the "Girls" gym. 


Dear Sun News,


You have to know what a joke you really are?

Far be it from me, a lowly consumer of all kinds of news,  to tell you how wrong you are- on just about everything. (And, apparently fake. )

But lets concentrate on the current Sun News poster child for wrong, Ezra Levant. Same dude who ran his own creation, the Western Standard into the dumper. Currently the WS publishes online only,  every two weeks. It has also lost the whole conservative shtick, and looks to be more Libertarian. (contrarian) 

But back to the guy who was censured for blatant racism (even on your network) and has been caught just being a complete waste of skin on oh so many occasions. His defense of racism in the name of "free speech" has never failed to amuse or elicit eyerolling from all of us in the Batcave.

Anyone recall what EL said in front of a US committee on civil liberties? You will find it herecareful wading in however, as no detergent will get all that hypocrisy tinged bullshit out of your clothes. 

How about making fun of a man who has just passed, while so many were in a state of shock and grief? And then on the anniversary of Layton's death, Ezra and that other nitwit Michael Coren, just sat and behaved like a couple beer guzzling hyenas. Shameful stuff.

Farewell to friends.

Many of us found out today that Skdadl, AKA Susan Kent-Davidson has passed. She was one of the most idealistic people I have come across on the blogs. Lovely, funny. Smart as a whip, and a fantastic writer.

She was also a very nice person. 

We also find out because we went looking- that Pogge, the head of Pogge.ca, AKA Robin Hills, passed back in July.

Obituary for Mr. David (Rob) Robin Hills 
Passed away peacefully at Lakeridge Health in Oshawa on July 6, 2014. Will be greatly missed by brother Glenn (Sandra), nephew Daryl (Nancy) and niece Carly (Rob). Cremation has taken place and a private memorial service will be held at a later date.
To send flowers to the family of Mr. David (Rob) Robin Hills please visit our Sympathy Store.'

Giants in the Canadian blogging world, I think anyway.

Farewell. And thanks. :)


I did not have Intercourse with that financial group!

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman....."

 -Bill Clinton

Before we begin:

  1. communication or dealings between individuals or groups.
    "everyday social intercourse"
    synonyms: dealings, relations, relationships,association, contact

So yes, I am correct, if you thought summin else? Tsk tsk.....  

And this strikes me as a Bill Clinton kinda whopper. 

Canadian Progressives Aggregator....New home....!!!

So, every spring, the flowers start to bloom, the grass grows, the trees bud, and the host for the Canadian progressives Aggregator demands a massive sum of money to host us. (to me its massive, I'm thrift girl.)

This year, we had a whole swath of amazing contributions from the usual suspects, and some new ones! to allow me to pay the massive sum of money for the hosting.

The Harper Gubbermint: Taking the Universality outta Universal health care!

I know, this is a soapbox I have been on for years.
But many have walked on by as if I was one of those crazy street preachers forecasting the end of the world.

Here is where I would say, "I told ya so!" and get some weird perverse pleasure at being right, but I am not feeling the joy.

So what is the Harper Gubbermint planning to do?
Well, as usual it's a backdoor, sneaky kinda deal that pits Canadians against each other. Lord of the flies, divide and conquer. Conservative style!

Buried on page 279 of the 2014 federal budget 

is a measure that will make it next to impossible for provinces to provide health care services on equal terms and conditions. The purpose of this budget item is to strike a blow to the heart and soul of universal health care in Canada.
The Harper government is eliminating the equalization portion of the Canada Health Transfer (CHT) and replacing it with an equal per capita transfer. This means that less populous provinces with relatively larger and more isolated populations will have more and more difficulty delivering more expensive universal health services.

The provinces will be focusing all the money and resources where the main pockets of the population are, kinda near the big cities and the borders. Rural Canada will become much like parts of the world that have no healthcare whatsoever.
The haves and the have nots will be vying for dollars. Who is going to win do you think?

Many of Harpers's supporters in the rural areas will be screwed over too, but it is a major goal of the Harper regime to dismantle all this humanitarian socialist stuff that they hate so much. It's a long range project shall we say, and worth the sacrifice to them me thinks.....

In 1997, when Harper was vice-president of the National Citizens’ Coalition, a group obsessed with privatizing health care, he said: “Well I think it would be a good idea . . . Moving toward alternatives, including those provided by the private sector, is a natural development of our health care system.” In another interview that year, Harper said, ” It’s past time the feds scrapped the Canada Health Act.” (Calgary Herald, May 5, 2005)

The good ol' NCC. They hate just about everything that made this country a great place to live. Or at least their rich funders do.

The new plastic money: Or, How Old dead white dudes got a makeover

So we are all probably pretty familiar with the new money. It's horrible to have to count a stack of it, very slow, and often has to be recounted as the buggas stick together.

If it gets folded up in a pocket or a wallet, the creases become almost permanent.

They will melt. It doesn't feel real to me anymore, but our money is just electrons with no valid tangible thing to back it up anyway. Debit cards, and now cash are just pieces of plastic. Worthless in so many ways.

But the amusing thing I have also noticed, is the makeover that all the dead PM's that appear on our bills seem to have gotten.

Laurier, looks 10-20 years younger. Side by side:


The collar is the same.  


Celsius 232

“But you can't make people listen. They have to come round in their own time, wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them. It can't last.”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Dying in this Harper wonderland....

Well, every year here at ACR it is a tradition that a Christmas song gets subverted. (The inspiration is usually the news.) Why should this year be any different?
pale presents,

Dying in this Harper Wonderland.
You all know the tune!

And I dedicate this picture to all the members of the Conservative party of canada!

For the CPC 

The phone rings,
you better answer,
collecting bills,
it's like a cancer,
you cant pay a one,
it's really no fun,
owing in this Harper Wonderland

Gone away, are good wages,
losing all,
but in stages,
you can't close that gap,
payday loans are a trap,
living in this Harper wonderland.

If you have two kidney's you can sell one,
to pay the fines imposed by Harper's courts!
The neighbours kids are crying cause they're hungry
but you can watch your Hockey and your porn!

Not my job,
being human,
it doesn't pay, like Bitumen
they own that whole crew,
and now your dog and you too!
owned and pwned in Harper's Wonderland.

In the park the benches are all taken,
but you can always find a cardboard box,
unless the cops decide that you are threatening!
and find yourself receiving taser shocks!

Work three jobs,
and your tired,
Vote "Right to work", to get hired,
You won't need a car.
cause you wont go that far,
unemployed in Harper's Wonderland.

Owing in this Harper wonderland.
Dying, in this Harper Wonderland.


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