Well, it is that time again. All the Pumpkins, the rain. The Blech.

But, Halloween is only 28 short days away! (There is a countdown on the sidebar. The ladies check it daily)

I was rummaging around in my Hard drive here., and found an old gif. It was my first foray into animation, from 1998.
We shall now call him, Dancing George.

Take it away George.....

DancingGeorge1 photo test_zpsdb3efaeb.gif

Halloween ponderings....

The little ones are already deciding on the Halloween costumes. Today, the smallest wants to be Toothless the Dragon.

This is actually a very cool idea, because Toothless is very much like a black cat. Stay tuned, we may even get some pics when the costume is made. 


Unless there is some mindo chango that goes on. Very possible.


Laziest. Spammer. Ever!

Received in my Spam folder today:

(no subject)


10:37 PM (8 hours ago)

Your ID was allocated 1.MILLION POUNDS in our 2013 DRAW.Send Name.


There is no creativity in this one! He/she is not doing it for the love of spamming obviously....At least all the other ones bless me. 






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