Farewell Flanagan! uh huh. w/ update

Probably not, he will just hide under a rock until his "advice" is needed.
It always is. He just went too far this time, and needs to disappear for a while.

We shall be seeing Flanagan 2.0 soon enough. He will be suddenly enlightened.... or something. He will never say what he really thinks again. He sits on too many think tanks distributing his brand of politics. and they need his "brand".

A penny for your thoughts?

Pennywise, pound foolish?

A penny saved is a penny earned

Worth every penny.

Today the penny starts it's journey to being the new record/rotary phone/typewriters.

It will forever have a place in our culture, as vinyl records do in speech, and the old phones do in clipart and computer icons.

Kind of weird to think that in a few years the kids will have no idea how heavy these things were to carry around.
Even the googledoodle is commemorating this day.

Salty language!

In my latest health odyssey (Trip thru the medical purgatory of hospital incompetence) I have had lots of time to perseverate on my diet and other things.

I am now on a lower salt diet in an attempt to lower the ol' BP even more. I find the BP meds pretty crappy. There is a side effect for everything. It's like making a wish, there is a good and bad.
I hate big pharma more and more, daily.
I would like to stop taking this bullshit medication.

So, My own tips for navigating this new world:

Cheese is a big no no. Swiss is ok in moderation, it's the lowest in sodium.

I found low salt potato chips, not bad. I don't eat massive amounts anyway, just a handful every few days. It fills the salt/treat void.

Soy sauce is deadly for sodium, so that's off my list. Using low sodium soup stock now in place of a lot of salt stuff. I made chow mien the other day, no soy sauce.

Peanut butter and onions. Yup, that is the current breakfast food in my life. I get the all natural peanut butter. No added salt, sugar or fat. On homemade bread, toasted.

Corporate welfare queens SUN News ask for more handouts. So they admit Free market is a fake.

Yup. The same free market prophets that consistently bitch and whine about FREEDUM and preach hateful things about all the not white people. SUN TV.

They have applied for mandatory carriage with the CRTC.
Its because they say they are losing MILLIONS a year because no one wants to pay extra for their particular brand of pig slop.

Geeze. Why don't they advertise then? Like other multimillion dollar corporations have to do?
Because they are them. And we are us. 

I pay enough already for cable.

Happy ho ho! Merry War on Christmas!

I hope Santa was good to all the good boyz and girlz.

We are sitting here in the Batcave having a quiet holiday. Its a scaled down affair.
The kidlets are happy with whatever Santa brought, which with today's consumer kids is amazing in and of itself. They got a whole lot of art supplies.
The grownups here are happy the lights are on and that there is food in the fridge. LOL

As for wishes, I am just hoping to be able to walk this coming year.

And although we are all supposed to celebrate good will and cheer and all that stuff, I sincerely hope a certain Dr gets a stocking full of reindeer shit. :)

Now, some tolerable Christmas songs! Heh.

Carol of the Bells.......Sorta. But totally awesome!


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