Last night a huge sigh of relief could be heard across North America and many other parts of the world, the Republican party lost pretty badly.

They not only lost badly, they really hadn't seen it coming.
President Obama was re-elected by a good enough margin to nullify many complaints that the GOP will come up with in the week's ahead.

And I will add that there was one more handicap, the electoral suppression being perpetrated by that same GOP in many state legislatures.

Now, I am not one of those who ever got caught up in the fantasy that Obama is somehow some great progressive hope. He's a middle of the road moderate in many ways, with some extra weight to the right on all fiscal issues. Corporate America has actually done very well under his watch, despite all their whining and carrying on to the contrary.

But back to the GOP and their very own media outlet getting caught with their pants down, as this fascinates me to no end. This video is hilarious, it shows the FOX talking heads going from giggling assured-ness early on, to total panic late in the evening. Ya. They is Fair and balanced. YUP! See, fair and balanced? That means that one doesn't take sides. Was there a smidgeon of doubt that the loss was a crushing personal blow to those airheads last night? 


Rove spent $300 million on this election, I betcha his donors want their money back this morning. Heh. Sucks to be him today.

"Community" newspaper abandons community.

Two days

I know many of us here in Canada are obsessively watching the US elections.

We know how it affects us when the Repubs are in office.
I don't see that many differences between the Harper conservatives and the Romney republicans; they are both extreme when it comes to social issues, and both parties are too busy giving blow jobs to the companies that fund them to think about the environment and things like that.

Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain.....

'Tis that day again, little goblins all ramped up on sugar, fog in the air...
Trick or Treat?
With the news of the storm called Sandy, it is hard to get into the holiday spirit at times.

But Sandy did turn up something that is almost Halloween related, a skeleton entangled in the roots of a tree that it blew over.

Superstorm Sandy Unearths Colonial-Era Skeleton

Really good photos at that link.

Common sense in the kitchen.

Yanno, I do agree that the whole XL debacle is a great example of how important food safety and regulation is.
Totally. I get it. If we are going to allow these massive meat processing centers to operate, the main focus needs to be food safety.

I cook as part of my job, and hold food safe certification so I have actually been asked by quite a few people what I think about all this. 

Would you still eat it they ask?

Sisters, sibling rivalries, and realization.

Ya, I am Mama blogging. Bear with me.

Last evening after the gurlies had been put into bed and kissed and hugged, they got into a kerfuffle about a book.

The 7 year old had "borrowed" the book that her sister had taken out from the classroom library and she wanted it back. NOW!

I went in and told them that we could talk about it tomorrow, and that they needed to go to sleep.


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