Timing eh?
Today, the Film Pink Ribbons, Inc. opened in theatres.

An exploration of the Pinkwashing by the Susan G Komen race for the cure.

And how perfectly useless and offensive SGK and all their corporate partners are. The National Film Board of Canada. ROCKS.
Here is the trailer.  Wait for the fireworks from evil litigious "charities". Popcorn?


Newt Gingrich's (currently a frontrunner for the GOP on the faith and values magical mystery tour) ex wife has done an interview with ABC news.

A doorknock dinner. pale's Mock Won Ton Soup.

There used to be a show on Food Network, Door knock dinners.
The premise was that a chef and a camera crew would descend on a house, and cook a meal with what they could find in the kitchen.
Consequently, some of my more "creative" meals made with what is on hand, are called....Door knock dinners. This one, has become a regular in the house.
And it keeps the vampires away. And really, who has wonton wrappers on hand?

pale's mock Wonton soup.

1 pkg ground pork. (These are usually about 2 pounds where I shop)
½ onion pureed
4-5 cloves garlic pureed
¼ cup bread crumbs
½ small can water chestnuts chopped VERY fine.
3 Tbsp milk
1 egg
2 tbsp soy sauce (Kikkoman. Better flavour)

Optional: Grated ginger, 1/2 teaspoon. (Was a bit too spicy for the Gurleys. But really nice)

mix, form into small meatballs 1 ½ tbsp, bake on cookie sheet at 350f until browned and cooked through. Browning adds flavour to the soup. 20 mins or so?


4-6 cups chicken stock.
2 cups Chinese cabbage shredded
1 cup carrots julienne
½ cup celery, fine.
1 tsp sesame oil
2 tbsp Kikkoman
Chopped green onion

Not exactly as advertised.

From one day of stoopid, and on to the next hey?

A few years back, the Supreme court made a ruling....Many same sex couples flocked to Canada, to say their vows and spent thousands of dollars to do so.

But as always, the Harpercons cannot let something they hate go. No matter that it should be settled law.

In a nutshell, government lawyers are arguing in court that if same-sex couples could not be legally married in their home country, then their Canadian wedding is not valid.

Butta bing.

How do you think people are feeling today? Shafted? Bereft? Pissed off? De-legitimized?

Think how you would feel. You have been married for years now. You invested many dollars in this commitment. You may have waited years and years for the opportunity to become a legal couple with solemn vows. 

You may have kids. 

Then suddenly, BOOM.

Sorry, we forgot to mention this part.....It's not reallllllllllllly valid.

It's like getting a mail order doctorate. Worth as much as this one I made here at ACR.

Become a DOCTER in yer spare tyme.

Contempt of country. Rant mode. ON.

Yanno. I know we have been down this garden path before.

The Harpercons do something really stupid. (Daily occurrence)

Then when people react  (the employers of the Government, to be technically accurate)....They start calling us names, names designed to DE-legitimize our rights and concerns.

Left wing fringe.....Remember that little quip from the PM during a speech to the party faithful? Jeebus, that looks more like a religious revival than a political talk.

And BTW, chickie poo's....If you have any plans on being heard instead of just being seen? You may anger the PM.... So STFU already about women's rights. We don't think those are relevant. 

And a Hippo Gnu Deer.....

So it was here finally.
The best part for me, is that I get almost an entire week off. Woo.

Hope everyone has a safe and warm holiday and eats entirely too much. It makes me feel better if it's not just me that has jeans that don't fit for a few days. :)

A Holiday po-em

T'was near the end of the year,
and all through the land,
conservatives were sleeping,
their guns clutched in their hands.....

The Senate was adjourned,
for a long holiday rest,
their rubber stamps lined up,
on each little desk.


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