And a Hippo Gnu Deer.....

So it was here finally.
The best part for me, is that I get almost an entire week off. Woo.

Hope everyone has a safe and warm holiday and eats entirely too much. It makes me feel better if it's not just me that has jeans that don't fit for a few days. :)

A Holiday po-em

T'was near the end of the year,
and all through the land,
conservatives were sleeping,
their guns clutched in their hands.....

The Senate was adjourned,
for a long holiday rest,
their rubber stamps lined up,
on each little desk.

Tales from the Batcave: Renovation update.

We live in what they term as a "fixer upper".
Some things have been getting fixed up while other items have had to wait for the appropriate cash flow.

Sometimes they just have to get done, as demonstrated the other day when the bathroom window almost fell out. I came home from work, and there it was, new. Smaller because that was what was available. "I tried to open it" was the explanation from L'hommevert. Makes sense to me.

Original 1940's windows, but the frame around this one had dissolved.  I think that it was a justified repair?
So, in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say.
I wrote about the "vanitory" project a while back. Since that time, the floor was replaced with tile and that is where it stopped. That cash flow problem.

Here is the new smaller window, and new wainscoting and molding that has gone in the last few days. None of the walls are straight, so it is like a puzzle. Way too much work, time, and anguish to demo and replace the plaster walls, so this was the plan.


Black Friday and other deadly things.

How stupid, gullible and greedy can people get?

  • A man was reportedly detained for resisting arrest after a fight at the jewellery counter in the early hours at a Walmart in Kissimmee, Florida
  •  Police are looking for two suspects after gunfire erupted early on Friday at a shopping centre in Fayetteville, North Carolina; there were no reports of injuries
  • Security workers reportedly used pepper spray on shoppers who began grabbing at goods before they were unloaded from pallets at a Walmart in Kinston, North Carolina
  • A woman was shot in the foot by a robber as she loaded her purchases into her car in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; the gunman fled as one of the victim's companions brandished a revolver and fired warning shots

Forget MMA, the new blood sport 

Christy is disappointed.

Say it with me.....Awwww!

Here is the smallest violin. Playing just for her.

When twits twitter: 

christyclarkbc Christy Clark
Very disappointed to learn that the spirit of the court's ruling is being ignored. #occupyvancouver

I am disappointed about so many things too Christy!

In your whole party line. In the installation of the HST through lies and subterfuge. In the stalling on removing that corporate welfare tax, despite a resounding smack upside the head from the voters.  In the BC Rail scandal. I am disappointed in your socialist mentality, only when it comes to your rich buddies.

Most recently, the crony appointments YOU made.

And this backtracking, is only because you got caught.

So, take your sanctimonious bullshit and stick it right up your ass. :) And do have a nice day!


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