Common sense in the kitchen.

Yanno, I do agree that the whole XL debacle is a great example of how important food safety and regulation is.
Totally. I get it. If we are going to allow these massive meat processing centers to operate, the main focus needs to be food safety.

I cook as part of my job, and hold food safe certification so I have actually been asked by quite a few people what I think about all this. 

Would you still eat it they ask?

Sisters, sibling rivalries, and realization.

Ya, I am Mama blogging. Bear with me.

Last evening after the gurlies had been put into bed and kissed and hugged, they got into a kerfuffle about a book.

The 7 year old had "borrowed" the book that her sister had taken out from the classroom library and she wanted it back. NOW!

I went in and told them that we could talk about it tomorrow, and that they needed to go to sleep.

Dear high school tormentor:

With the news full of Amanda Todd, many of us have gone into some deep reflection of school years where we were harassed and tormented on a daily basis.

We feel very deeply for that young girl, even though we didn't know her.

It has struck a chord because we can empathize with what she was feeling to a certain extent.

The hopelessness, the fear, the....shame?


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