Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain.....

'Tis that day again, little goblins all ramped up on sugar, fog in the air...
Trick or Treat?
With the news of the storm called Sandy, it is hard to get into the holiday spirit at times.

But Sandy did turn up something that is almost Halloween related, a skeleton entangled in the roots of a tree that it blew over.

Superstorm Sandy Unearths Colonial-Era Skeleton

Really good photos at that link.

Common sense in the kitchen.

Yanno, I do agree that the whole XL debacle is a great example of how important food safety and regulation is.
Totally. I get it. If we are going to allow these massive meat processing centers to operate, the main focus needs to be food safety.

I cook as part of my job, and hold food safe certification so I have actually been asked by quite a few people what I think about all this. 

Would you still eat it they ask?

Sisters, sibling rivalries, and realization.

Ya, I am Mama blogging. Bear with me.

Last evening after the gurlies had been put into bed and kissed and hugged, they got into a kerfuffle about a book.

The 7 year old had "borrowed" the book that her sister had taken out from the classroom library and she wanted it back. NOW!

I went in and told them that we could talk about it tomorrow, and that they needed to go to sleep.

Dear high school tormentor:

With the news full of Amanda Todd, many of us have gone into some deep reflection of school years where we were harassed and tormented on a daily basis.

We feel very deeply for that young girl, even though we didn't know her.

It has struck a chord because we can empathize with what she was feeling to a certain extent.

The hopelessness, the fear, the....shame?


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